There’s no malice. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Sumit Singh defended his parents after the three of them got into an emotional conversation about his romance with Jenny Slatten on the Sunday, October 11, episode of the spinoff.  

Sumit, 32, begged his mother, Sahna, and father Anil to accept his relationship with Jenny, 61, but they struggled to give him their blessing because of the couple’s age gap. Sahna even went so far as to say she would “never accept” it.  

Sumit Says His Parents Only Want Best Him
Courtesy Sumit Jenny/Instagram

“Love is the absence of judgment,” the season 2 star wrote in his new Instagram caption after the drama aired on TV, referencing a quote from the Dalai Lama. 

In the comments section, one fan addressed how his parents seem like “such nice people” that “truly” love their son. “At the end [of the day], it’s your choice,” the fan added. “You can have Jenny’s love and your parents’ love too. They won’t turn their back on you. They seem like kind people.”

Sumit agreed their hearts are in the right place, whether or not he feels the same way as them. “Yes, they are very nice people and they love me too,” the TLC alum replied to the social media user on Monday, October 12. “They will never turn [their] back [on me]. They want [the] best for me and I want [the] same.”

It was clearly a sensitive subject for all parties in the latest episode. While confronting Sahna and Anil about his feelings on the matter, Sumit brought up that he previously honored their wishes by accepting an arranged marriage. 

90 day fiance sumit wife jenny
Courtesy of Jenny Slatten/Instagram

“In those 2.5 years, I had stopped sharing my thoughts with my own parents … You are so obsessed with what random people in society are saying, but because of that, I was the one who was suffering,” Sumit vented to his mother and father, revealing he was suicidal at his lowest point in the relationship. 

Anil took some responsibility for the “mistake” and said it pained him to see his son suffering. However, he was trying to right his wrongs by fronting the $20,000 amount needed to finalize Sumit’s divorce from his first wife. Anil said that also didn’t make him any more comfortable with his son’s “odd” new romance. 

Even though Anil said he and Sahna would “try [their] best” to be open to their son’s relationship, the couple still had some big obstacles in their path. Jenny relocated from Palm Springs, California, to India to be with Sumit and she could only stay with him if they got married. 

Despite the hurdles along the way, Sumit said he’s willing and ready “to fight” for their love.

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