Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra relocated from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas, after tying the knot. The 90 Day Fiancé stars shared the updated news about their living situation during the show’s season 10 tell-all special on Sunday, March 3.

Sophie, 25, and Rob’s living situation was a point of contention on this season of 90 Day Fiancé. Sophie often complained about the size of Rob’s studio apartment, which she moved into after relocating from Spain to America. Rob, 34, confirmed that the pair’s new place in Texas has an indoor bathroom after he received criticism for only having an outdoor bathroom at his old residence.

Although Rob and Sophie walked down the aisle and started building their new life together, it was clear during the tell-all that they were still dealing with issues in their relationship. One of the biggest hurdles the couple still hadn’t cleared was Sophie’s mom, Clarie’s, feelings about Rob. She has been vocal about her dislike of Sophie’s partner and appeared via video chat during the tell-all to reiterate her feelings.

Rob slammed Sophie for “never taking his side” over her mother’s, as Claire admitted that her opinion about Rob has not changed. He accused Claire of “disrespecting” him and shut down her accusations that Sophie paid the pair’s entire rent when they were briefly living in Mexico.

During the February 25 episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Sophie and Rob tied the knot and Claire cried happy tears during the ceremony. However, at the tell-all, she said she was actually upset at the wedding because she didn’t think Rob was the right man for her daughter. During a break backstage, Rob told Sophie that he was frustrated because she was siding with her mother over him.

After Sophie complained to other cast members that she wished Rob treated her better, he told her she was “never grateful” for him and said he wanted to feel more “appreciated” by his wife. Meanwhile, Sophie admitted that she would “eventually get tired” and move on from Rob if he did not change his behavior.

Despite all of their ups and downs, Sophie and Rob appear to be going strong in their relationship. In January, fans noticed that both reality stars had posted social media videos with the same neon pink sign in the background, which appears to be evidence that they are still together.

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