90 Day Fiancé star Sophie revealed that she’s been hiding a secret from the world, including her soon-to-be fiancé Rob: She’s bisexual.

During the premiere of 90 Day Fiancé season 10 on Sunday, October 8, Sophie, 23, admitted that she has yet to tell Rob, 32, about her sexual orientation. While Sophie said she’s never physically “gone all the way” with a woman, she would be willing to try something with a woman if a negotiation came up.

Rob, who lives in Los Angeles, and Sophie, who was raised in Spain but is an England native, are a brand new couple on 90 Day Fiancé this season. Sophie revealed in the premiere that she is mixed race and was often bullied for that growing up.

“My dad is Black and my mom is white,” Sophie said. “I was raised in Spain, so there wasn’t any Black people. So I was, like, the only mixed kid or Black kid in the whole school. … I didn’t really have any friends and I just struggled to fit in. But like, even though I went through a lot of difficult things, I’m still thankful for them because those experiences led me to the person I am today.”

Sophie said she began following “pages of cute mixed-race guys” on social media, including fellow model Rob. Meanwhile, Rob said he usually ignored women who followed his page, but he was immediately in awe of Sophie’s beauty.

“I do care about looks. I care about both looks and personality. But I care a lot about looks too. I feel like I’m a good-looking guy, so people can kiss my ass on me being shallow and wanting a good-looking girl, but I’m gonna keep it real,” Rob said in a confessional. “I wanted a fine-ass woman, and Sophie is the hottest person I’ve been with and that’s what I’ve been looking for.”

So, Rob “shot his shot” with her, and they FaceTimed for eight hours that day. Soon afterward, Sophie traveled to Los Angeles and spent two months with Rob. She told him about the K-1 visa, and he agreed to go through the process with her.

Of course, they wouldn’t be a true 90 Day Fiancé couple without some conflict. Rob said that Sophie, whose family is wealthy, had some “spoiled rich girl tendencies” that made him nervous. He lived in a studio apartment, which Sophie didn’t seem to like. Sure enough, she revealed that she planned to have them move out of his place.

Another problem that Sophie and Rob will likely face this season? Sophie’s mother. While on a phone call with Sophie, her mom referred to the model as “Rob the Knob” because she doesn’t like him.

Additionally, it seems the couple could have some trust issues between them, as Rob’s friend revealed that Sophie was on Bumble’s dating section despite telling Rob she was looking for friends. However, Rob isn’t innocent, either. Sophie said that he was talking to another woman during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Sophie’s friend shared that he even sent “sexual videos” to the woman.

Fans will have to tune in to 90 Day Fiancé season 10 on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC to watch Sophie and Rob’s love story unfold.

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