90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way alum Mary De Nucciõ (née Demasu-ay) took to social media with a message for her critics after many fans doubted the validity of her and husband Brandan De Nucciõ’s claims that she has colon cancer.

“People report my Facebook and I can’t access it anymore,” Mary, 23, wrote on her Instagram Stories on Monday, February 19. “I’m here dealing with a lot of pain and can’t eat. People are very worst. Maybe all of you will be sooo happy when I die. You don’t know what I’ve been through rn.”

The reality TV personality added that she wished she could “show” people her “situation,” as she claimed to have severe vomiting issues and intense stomach pain.

“I won’t do any medication or go back to the hospital and I hope when I die you will realize that it’s not okay to bash and judge someone that you don’t know what’s going on in their lives,” the first part of her message concluded.

In another Story, Mary again claimed that fans reported her Facebook page and caused her to lose access to it. “That’s the only one that helps me to make money for my child and my family,” she added, referring to Brandan, 24, and their 6-month-old daughter, Midnight. “Idk what to do now. I lost courage I lost faith. Seeing all your comments gives me a lot of pain.”

90 Day Fiance Mary Cancer Response
Mary De Nuccio/Instagram

Mary wrote that she was unable to work her job at a call center because the night shift was “bad for [her] health.”

“When I die I want all the bashers to know that it’s not very good to bash and judge people and say bad things to people who you dont really know. I want you to realize that when I die,” she concluded.

Mary’s response to fans came after she claimed in another post on February 16 that she had been diagnosed with colon cancer, calling it the “most scary moment” in her life and adding that she didn’t “want to die.” Over the weekend, Brandan provided updates on Mary’s condition, revealing that she went to the hospital for a “life-saving” surgery.

90 Day Fiance Mary Cancer Response
Mary De Nuccio/Instagram

The couple also launched a GoGetFunding page to raise money for the treatment costs, although the campaign was closed after they raised $1,326. A note from the fundraising platform on the page read, “GoGetFunding has been requested or required to stop this campaign.”

Many fans questioned whether Brandan and Mary were telling the truth about her health and wondered if the fundraiser was a “scam.” Brandan took to his own Instagram Stories on Sunday, February 18, with a similar message for haters, telling them about Mary’s symptoms and encouraging “people who bash us” to “just continue being like that and God will handle you.”

Before Mary’s Instagram Stories post, the couple took to their joint Facebook page with a since-deleted update that seemingly backtracked the cancer claims.

“Just to be clear: we don’t know if Mary have colon cancer yet,” the update began. “Yes, she posted on her IG that she have [SIC] colon cancer because she watch [SIC] TikTok videos of what is the symptoms of colon cancer and she have all of it.”

The update added that Mary and Brandan visited a “center” on February 16 for a check up, where a nurse allegedly told them that Mary “maybe got UTI or appendicitis and a possible colon cancer.”

The post continued to explain that Mary had lab work done, which allegedly revealed that she had a “blood infection.” She also had X-rays and an abdominal ultrasound and was preparing to have a colonoscopy done.

“Mary’s still in pain,” the post concluded. “Please stop spreading fake news.”

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