Inset Photo of Deavan Clegg Over Photo of Jihoon Lee

Taking a much-needed break? 90 Day Fiancé star Jihoon Lee revealed he’s “thinking of leaving social media” amid his split from wife Deavan Clegg. On his Instagram Story on Monday, August 24, the season 2 star of The Other Way hinted all of the negativity is getting to him after previously sharing a hateful message from one of the show’s fans.

“I’m sorry and grateful to those who have rebuked and supported me. I’m working hard on my work, and I’m also preparing a lot of things I think I will be very busy [with] from now on,” Jihoon, 29, wrote. “I’m thinking of leaving social media for a while until then. But not [too] long. I need a lot of change for myself. I promise I’ll show you a better side of me when I come back. Until then, be healthy and happy. Thank you very much.”

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Star Jihoon Lee Leaving Social Media As Wife Deavan Clegg Moves On After Split
Courtesy Jihoon Lee/Instagram

Recently, the TLC star has been doing what he can to limit the hate regarding his relationship with Deavan, 23, and the way their storyline is playing out on screen. In early August, he turned off comments on his Instagram posts and begged his followers to be careful with their words. “I’m sorry, but please don’t fight with each other about my family,” he wrote in one post. A week later, he demonstrated how dire the situation is getting as he shared a DM he received telling him to “kill himself.” Though his 90 Day costars rallied around him, it was clear he was having a rough time.

Just a few days after that, Jihoon hinted he was also struggling in his personal life as he confirmed his split with Deavan during an Instagram Live. “So I can’t tell everything because the show [is] not finished. They will be happy and I need to be happy. Just, I will live my own life,” he told fans. “If you lost [a] lover, boy [or] girl. So sad, but you can start again.”

He also hinted that Deavan has already moved on, something she seemingly confirmed when she shared a photo with a mystery man on her Story. A source close to the American star confirmed to In Touch that the mom of two already has a new boyfriend, an actor named Topher Park. While it’s unclear when Jihoon and his wife went their separate ways, she only moved back to America from South Korea in April or May, and Jihoon seemed shocked to learn she moved on so quickly.

“Yeah, she has [a] new boyfriend. I saw that post. So, wow. I can’t believe it, oh my God. Wow,” he said in the same Instagram Live on August 22. “I want my ex and her boyfriend, just [to] be happy. Cause [it’s] her choice and [that’s the] way she [thinks] [she] will be happy and I’m just [going to] walk to my own way. But we’re still Taeyang’s parents,” he continued. “My plan is [to] just focus on myself.”

It sounds like he’ll be focusing on himself offline.

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