90 Day Fiancé alum Chantel Everett got a little wild as she searched for new love during her trip to Greece on 90 Day: The Single Life season 4, but her costar Debbie Aguero didn’t approve of her behavior or revealing outfit choices.

In a sneak peek at part one of the tell-all shared by E! News ahead of the episode on Monday, March 18, Debbie, 67, told Chantel, 33, that she “sent the wrong signals” to the men in Greece during her vacation. She slammed the Atlanta, Georgia, native for “advertising” that she was “pantyless” on her trip, although Chantel tried to defend herself by saying that she had “some coverage” and that it was no different than wearing a bikini.

Debbie wasn’t the only one to criticize Chantel, as costars Tim Malcolm and John McManus agreed that she sent the wrong message with her behavior. Tim, 43, told Chantel that she was “beautiful” and that her “face is enough” to get attention from men. “I don’t want to think about my girlfriend or my future wife if she was like, walking around pantyless with a bunch of dudes,” he added.

John, 40, chimed in, “Basically, a guy wants family. A guy wants commitment. A guy wants loyalty, purity.” Tim continued on to say that he didn’t “want to be with somebody who I think is, like, f–king half the city.”

Chantel told her castmates that she felt “pretty much attacked” about her vacation to Greece. However, Tim argued that she wanted a “high-class man” and wasn’t going to get one with that behavior.

Chantel joined 90 Day: The Single Life and traveled to Greece for another chance at love following her divorce from Pedro Jimeno, which was finalized in 2023.

“I’m hoping there’s some Greek God of a man,” she told her friends, who joined her on the adventure.

Though Chantel struggled to flirt with men at first, she eventually found her footing and hit it off with a 20-year-old, who took her on a motorcycle ride and kissed her. Unfortunately, the experience was jaunting for Chantel because it reminded her of a night with Pedro, 32.

“I’m here in Greece trying to find love but it’s really derailing me when something triggers me like this,” she admitted after breaking down in tears. “Time is precious and I need to make sure that I don’t spend too much time thinking about the past.”

Thankfully, Chantel was able to get back out there again and connected with a Greek soccer player named Giannis Varouxakis. The two spent plenty of time together during her trip, with Chantel even making a four-hour drive to see him. Though Chantel feared she was moving too fast with Giannis, 32, she struggled to move on from their connection as she headed back to Atlanta at the end of her trip.

“I’m seeing the passionate side of Giannis again,” she said during the March 11 episode. “This side of Giannis is something that I need. I feel like there’s something there, I like the spark … I can’t just let it go.”

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