90 Day Fiancé star Clayton Clark’s mom, Violet, revealed that she has concerns about his fiancée, Analí Vallejos, not wanting to learn English.

During the new episode of 90 Day Fiancé season 10 on Sunday, January 21, Violet sat down with Clayton, 29, to discuss his relationship with Analí, 26, who moved in with the Kentucky native and his mom upon her arrival in the U.S. Violet said she did not have any problems with Analí as a person, but she did believe there were problems with Analí’s behavior toward Clayton.

Violet’s first issue with Analí was the fact that she does not speak English. Violet’s second issue was that Analí didn’t cook for Clayton, as the Peru native wasn’t cooking meals that Clayton liked.

Violet pointed out that it seemed as though Analí, whose first language is Spanish, did not have any real desire to learn English. Meanwhile, Clayton was mostly concerned about the lack of help he has received in wedding planning from Analí, and Analí was hurt that her fiancé and his mom were complaining about her.

Analí and Clayton first met through a language app. She wanted to learn English, while he was trying to learn Spanish. Despite the language barrier between them, the two clicked and talked online for eight months before meeting in person. They quickly got engaged, and Analí applied for a K-1 visa to move to the U.S., where she and Clayton would have 90 days to wed.

Analí’s arrival in Kentucky was documented in the November 12, 2023 episode. However, it wasn’t long before tensions began to rise. Analí was shocked to see Clayton’s apartment, which had little furniture. Instead of a bedroom, Violet slept in a small walk-in closet that could just barely fit a mattress.

“I didn’t know Clayton’s mom lived in the closet. I pictured a small space but not exactly the closet,” Analí admitted. “In a closet you can store clothes, shoes, suitcases, etc., but I didn’t know what to say.”

90 Day Fiances Anali and Clayton Argue Over Lack of Intimacy He's Effectively Living As a Virgin
Courtesy of Instagram/Clayton Clark

The couple has also struggled with emotional and physical intimacy. Clayton revealed during the January 14 episode that they only just had sex for the first time since Analí landed in his home state. He previously tried to be intimate with her during a night in a hotel room, but she turned down his advances and slept instead. When she woke up, she laughed at him when he told her he had “blue balls.”

Clayton later expressed his frustration over their lack of a sex life while out on a double date with friends. He told a waitress while ordering a drink, “I gotta get the virgin version, because I am effectively living as a virgin because we haven’t been having sex recently.”

While Clayton laughed at his joke, Analí appeared to be hurt and embarrassed, as she wiped tears from her eyes.

“When Clayton starts talking about this subject, it’s so uncomfortable for me, and it’s disrespectful because I’m at the table,” she said. “I am really asking myself, is this double date for having a good time, or just to criticize me?”

Fans can tune into season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé on TLC on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET to see how Analí and Clayton’s relationship unfolds.

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