It isn’t over! Chantel Everett updated fans on her long-distance relationship with Giannis Varouxakis during the 90 Day: The Single Life tell-all.

During part one of the season 4 tell-all, which aired on Monday, March 18, Chantel, 33, proudly told cameras that she was “still in contact” with the Greek soccer player.

“I still believe in love. That there is still something for me,” Chantel explained to host Shaun Robinson. “Something more.”

Chantel introduced her relationship with Giannis, 32, on the spinoff after her divorce from Pedro Jimeno in May 2022. Chantel traveled overseas to Greece with her “divorce support crew” and hoped to spark a new romance during the getaway.

Chantel hit it off with Giannis on a night out and accepted an invitation to meet him in his hometown, despite a four-hour car ride. After getting to know each other better during a dinner date, the pair shared a more serious conversation about their future while hanging out at the beach the next day. The Greek native expressed his readiness to settle down. However, he was shocked when Chantel joked that her ideal future husband “would be an orphan.”

“I don’t agree with that. My family is very important to me,” Giannis replied during the January 29, 2024, episode. “So, we’re very close. But like, it’s not going to be any, like, involvement. I was always, like, kept that separate.”

The pair also talked about their future, with Giannis asking Chantel if she would consider staying in Greece. “It’s so pretty I’m not sure, I don’t know,” the health professional replied. “Are you gonna give me a reason to? If you did, maybe I’d consider that.”

The athlete agreed that he would, adding, “A good one.” Chantel and Giannis went on to show off their physical chemistry with a steamy makeout session in the ocean.

The relationship seemingly took a turn after Giannis invited Chantel and her friends to a snail festival. While Chantel was seemingly considering a future with Giannis in Greece, she was disappointed when he didn’t act as enthusiastic to see her in public as she had hoped.

“We’re about to leave and he’s literally not giving you any attention,” Chantel’s friend Ruth told her while they watched her love interest laugh with his friends. “You’re more into him than he is in you.”

Giannis invited Chantel out for a “secret date” before her flight home and, while she considered declining his invitation, their passion was “renewed” after he took her to his hometown soccer field, which held a lot of sentimental value to him.

“I’m seeing the passionate side of Giannis again,” Chantel said in a confessional during the March 11 episode. “This side of Giannis is something that I need. I feel like there’s something there, I like the spark … I can’t just let it go.”

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