Reality TV has a reputation for being not as authentic as fans would hope and 90 Day Fiancé star Avery Warner said she could vouch for that with her own experience. The season 4 star shared her views on the topic after one social media user pointed out how at peace she appears to be since cameras stopped rolling. 

“Is it just me but wasn’t Avery super sweet, intelligent and compassionate during her trip to Australia?” the comment read under her photo on Instagram. “Watching [Before the 90 Days], she seems like a totally different person, intoxicated, swearing, completely different from the person we saw initially.”

90 Day Fiance's Avery Gets Real About Reality TV After Documenting Relationship With Ash: 'It's Very Constructed'

Avery, 32, made her debut with now ex-boyfriend, Ash Naeck, on the TLC spinoff. Viewers were quick to judge their relationship after seeing their awkward moments on the show, but she said there’s still a lot of misconceptions. 

“Can’t always believe what you see on TV  [heart emoji]. You guys get 5 [percent] of the real story, and that’s constructed how the network wants the people to view the person,” she wrote. “I encourage everyone not to get so caught up with any kind of TV show as the truth, it’s not worth it lol, it’s all very constructed.”

In May, Ash, 38, confirmed they are no longer together, but luckily, there is no bad blood between them. “We have kept a good friendship. She is awesome and funny AF,” the relationship coach responded during a Q&A session on Instagram.

Avery Warner Speaks Out About Ash After Backlash
Courtesy of Avery Warner/Instagram

The reason behind their breakup was revealed during part 1 of the Before the 90 Days tell-all. Avery explained they were both excited about trying out a new diet, however she later discovered Ash wasn’t sticking to it, as promised. She called him out for “lying to [her] face,” and it made her wonder what else he was omitting. She asked him to go on a break to overcome some of their trust issues, but Ash was apparently the one who decided they shouldn’t get back together so soon.

Fortunately, their relationship post-split is amicable. On top of that, she is celebrating her birthday on July 16, so there is a lot to look forward to!

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