Are 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way stars Steven and Alina still together? The couple quickly caught a bad reputation on season 3 of the TLC reality TV series as Steven kept a big secret from Alina, and fans hoped they would breakup before the end of their season of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff. Keep scrolling below to find out where they stand today.

Steven, 25, is from Salt Lake City, Utah. He learned to speak Russian while on a missionary trip for the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter-Day Saints, of which he is a devout member. His Russian-speaking skills is what led him to meeting Alina, 21, as he crossed paths with the Russia native on a language exchange site. After dating long-distance, they finally met in person for the first time and decided to take the next steps to close the gap — but the coronavirus pandemic put a halt to their plans.

In the midst of embassy closures and travel bans, Steven and Alina decided the best plan for them to be together is for them to both move to Turkey, as the country’s borders were open to both American and Russian travelers at the time of filming. They would stay in Turkey for about three months, during which they would get married. After that, Steven would be able to legally gain entry into Russia as the spouse of a Russian citizen.

Shortly after reuniting in Turkey, the cracks in Steven and Alina’s relationship started to show. Steven admitted he wasn’t sure if he was ready to marry Alina, and she revealed that Steven had asked her for permission to date other women while they were dating long distance. Even though she refused, Steven still behaved like he was in an open relationship. He later admitted that the reason why he still wanted to see other people is because he wasn’t sure if he was ready to fully commit to Alina.

Steven also came clean about a huge secret he was keeping from Alina: even though he expected her to remain a virgin before marriage per his religion, he was not a virgin himself. Alina was understandably upset admitted to have several sexual relationships in his past, but she eventually forgave him. She also quickly forgave him after asking a friend to flirt with Steven through his Direct Messages on social media, and he fell for the bait — but only if he agreed to delete all of his social media profiles.

After they were able to move past their issues, Steven planned a romantic proposal for Alina on a boat and he even sang her a song he had written specifically for their engagement. Alina, of course, said “yes.”

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Sumit and Jenny pose together next to a sugarcane vendor on the streets of Greater Noida, as seen on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

The couple hit yet another bump in the road on their way down the aisle. On the Sunday, November 7 episode, Alina reveals that she and Steven only have about a month left on their tourist visas in Turkey, which means that they have only one month to get married and get the paperwork in order for Steven’s spousal visa for Russia. Steven revealed he was still hesitant about marriage because Alina still had not converted to Mormonism.

“I’m worried that … right now, you say you want to get baptized, but after we get married, after we move to Russia, once you’re back home, that you won’t want to be baptized anymore,” he told his fiancée. “And it would be comforting for me to hear a promise from you.”

Alina was upset that Steven didn’t trust her or think she would keep her word when he was the one who previously broke the trust in their relationship. But that issue was resolved and they quickly moved forward with obtaining a marriage license in Turkey on the November 21, 2021 episode.


Steven and Alina are married! In a sneak peek for the season 3 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way finale on Sunday, November 28, the couple tied the knot in a romantic wedding ceremony in Turkey.

“There were moments where I thought our relationship wouldn’t lead to a wedding,” Alina said in a clip obtained by Entertainment Tonight. “But I’m sure that Steven really loves me, that his love is sincere. I’m certain I made the right decision.

Steven echoed Alina’s sentiments. “It’s been a crazy, crazy journey. Moving to Turkey to be with her and how much we had to sacrifice for each other and I think that really speaks to how much we love each other and that speaks louder than all the arguments we had along the way,”  Steven added. “We’ve gone through a lot these past few months and there’s still a lot cut out for us. We still have to apply for a visa to Russia and then baptize Alina once we get to Russia. But all these challenges are just going to make us stronger. And I think a lot of people think we’re crazy, but we’re crazy in love so maybe they’re right.”

As for the status of their relationship now, it seems Alina and Steven are still together. In October 2021, Steven went on Instagram Live and hinted that he was still living abroad by showing a view of the mountains from his apartment building and revealing the nearly 8-hour time difference between where was and the United States. During the Live, he also noted that he doesn’t have full access to his Instagram account and hinted that “someone manages” his social media for him.

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