90 Day Fiancé star Rishi Singh and Jen Boecher officially revealed the news of their engagement to the India native’s family — but will they welcome her into the brood? Keep reading to find out everything we know about Rishi’s family and more! 

Rishi and Jen introduced their love story on season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, in January 2023. While the Oklahoma native originally thought Rishi was a “douchebag” after their first chance meeting in a hotel lobby, she quickly fell for him after they hung out a few more times. 

Despite only spending 45 days together, Rishi proposed and Jen left India engaged. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it would be two years before Jen would move to India to be with Rishi. During that time, Rishi kept the proposal a secret from his family. 

Does Rishi’s Family Want Him To Get Married?

During the series, Rishi introduced viewers to his mother, Shimla, his brother, Rohit, his sister Priyanka and his uncle, Gajendra. Rishi’s family clearly wanted him to get married; however, Rishi brushed off his sister and mom’s concerns, telling them he was too “busy” to pursue a relationship. 

Rishi’s mom wasn’t happy with the excuse. Instead, she revealed she already found a woman in the next village who was interested in marrying him. 

This later caused major issues in Rishi and Jen’s relationship as Jen believed Rishi had been actively rejecting potential brides. 

Does 90 Day Fiance’s Rishi Singh’s Family Approve of Jen?

As Rishi continued to hide their engagement from his family and even introduced the U.S. native to “wife training,” Jen decided to take matters into her own hands.

Armed with her two friends, Randi and Myrah, along with a translator, Jen planned to break the news of the proposal to Rishi’s family after previously being introduced as a friend.  During the gathering, Randi shocked Rishi when she explained she was there to support Jen amid their “pending engagement announcement.”

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“If the translator wasn’t there I would be the first person translating and I would change the topic instantly,” Rishi said in a confessional during the April 30 episode. “But, I don’t know how to stop this conversation.”

The translator went on to tell Rishi’s parents that he and Jen had a relationship and were planning to tie the knot and live together. As Rishi expected, his parents were left visibly shocked by the news, but they “accepted” his choice at the moment. 

However, after Rishi’s family shared a private conversation and learned her age, their opinion changed. 

“We don’t want him to marry an older girl,” his mom told producers in a confessional. “This does not happen in the culture of Rajasthan.” When speaking with Rishi, she added, “It’s a clear ‘no’ from my side.”

How Does Jen Feel About Rishi’s Family?

After the airing of the episode, Jen took to social media to slam Rishi’s family for their “bulls—t” in a scathing social media post. 

“I know that a lot of people think me and my friends were very rude for going over to the family’s house,” she began in an Instagram Reel posted on May 2. While the TLC alum understood the backlash she was facing “to a certain degree,” she called out Rishi’s family for their criteria for his future wife.

“So he can’t marry a dark-skinned girl. She must not be short and she must be educated,” the reality TV personality said in the video. “So all you people, who think this family is so great — they don’t want a dark-skinned daughter-in-law.” 

Jen continued to call out Rishi’s family in the caption. “HOW DARE I? HOW DARE MY FRIENDS? Because I could not possibly care less if this family accepts me,” she wrote. “Rishi gets to decide how to navigate this, but I’ll NEVER stop being me and calling out bulls–t & hypocrisy. Sorry I’m not sorry.”

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