Nicole Nafziger and mom Robbalee
Courtesy Nicole Nafziger/Instagram

She’s got her daughter’s back! 90 Day Fiancé alum Nicole Nafziger’s mom, Robbalee Nafziger, clapped back at fans claiming her daughter “abandoned” granddaughter May. After the grandmother shared a throwback photo of her daughters Nicole and Taylor in order to celebrate Taylor’s baby news, one troll took the opportunity to criticize Nicole’s parenting — but Robbalee wasn’t having any of it.

“Congratulations! I bet Taylor will be an amazing mommy and actually keep her daughter unlike Nicole who [gave] hers away for a guy who married his cousin,” the commenter wrote. In a second comment, they added, “In all seriousness though, you are an incredible lady and amazing grandma to take in the child your daughter abandoned. May is so lucky to have you and Taylor.”

Robbalee Nafziger Slams Claims Nicole Abandoned Daughter May
Courtesy Robbalee Nafziger/Instagram

The comment included a heart emoji, but Robbalee didn’t take it in good faith. Instead, she first addressed the “rumors” that Nicole’s fiancé, Azan Tefou (real name: Hassan M’Raouni), is already married, and then she took on the rest of it. “There was no abandonment,” she snapped. “She (May) is getting to spend time with her grandparents while her mommy is away. There is a lot more to this story than a simple answer.”

Robbalee explained that she is “grateful for the time she gets to spend with May” because “many grandparents don’t get this much time or get to make this many wonderful memories.” However, she wanted to make it clear that May is very much still in touch with her mom. “Nicole FaceTimes with May almost every day,” she said. “They watch TV together or she shows her the peppers that grow in the garden. Right now, Florida is not even a safe place to come home to. When it is safe to travel, she looks forward to coming home. We are lucky to have this time with her.”

The comment came about a week after Nicole, 26, stood up for herself on social media, combating comments that said she’s choosing to stay in Morocco with Azan rather than taking the opportunity to leave. The Happily Ever After alum rebutted claims she could easily fly home on the American government’s dime, firing back, “They’re paying for it? I’d like to know where they said that.”

Nicole told fans to “stop judging” her life and decisions when they don’t have all of the information, but it seems the hate just keeps coming.

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