Mom’s got her back! While Nicole Nafziger is still spending time in Morocco with fiancé Azan Tefou (real name: Hassan M’Raouni), Robbalee Nafziger is sticking up for her and her man on social media. On Tuesday, April 7, the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star’s mom took to Instagram to slam claims that her future son-in-law is already married with kids after a troll brought up the accusations on one of her posts.

“What do you think of Nicole stuck in Morocco at an Airbnb in quarantine after chasing a married man who has 3 children?” the commenter wrote. “We’ve known for years he was married but thought he only had the one child who was actually his last born and [third] child. Nicole has known he was married and TLC also found out and ended filming of their fake story because they said Nicole and Azan scammed them. Azan’s family scammed, too, because they were in on it. I am genuinely concerned because of May. I know you love her, and I know you love Nicole and want the best for her. Please, get her emotional and mental help so she stops these games and stops this delusional behavior. I hope and pray you all are safe.”

Robbalee didn’t bother to entertain the possibility the claims could be true. “If that’s what you think, nothing I can say will change your mind,” she wrote back. “I am astonished you believe all that crap. Good luck.” When the troll insisted those were “proven” facts, she continued, “I realize this is hard for people. It seems so life-altering, and you feel powerless to stop what you see as injustice. I know most of what went on with filming and I am telling you those reports are inaccurate.”

The grandmother insisted “Nicole will act” if there’s a problem — and that all potential problems like that “will be found out” — and encouraged the 90 Day Fiancé fan to “please” not believe everything they read. “She’s not the one trying to stir up drama. Papers need to sell, and they say whatever they want to get that done. If I am wrong about all this, it will come out, that I am sure of, but, for now, this information is garbage,” she said simply. “I appreciate your support, and [my love] is always for my family. I support them even in the hard times. Like now!”

She may not be Azan’s biggest fan (she’s hinted in the past that she thinks he’s a “loafer,” though she also called him “a really nice person”), but when it comes to rumors and lies, Robbalee is ready to set the record straight.

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