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’90 Day Fiance’ Star Gabriel Pabon Is Proud of His Transition! See Before, After Photos

90 Day Fiancé star Gabriel Pabon is the franchise’s first transgender man and he’s proud of it! 

“I’m trans. Once upon a time I was a girl and now I’m a whole man,” Gabe explained on his debut on season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, which premiered in January 2023. “It’s not like, one day you just wake up, you’re like, ‘Oh, you know what, I’m trans.’ No, it’s a feeling that you feel your entire life.”  

The Florida native held nothing back as he opened up about the “very hard life” he’s lived as a trans man, starting from the moment in kindergarten when he learned it was OK to wear boy’s clothes. 

At 16 years old, the 90 Day Fiancé star revealed he identified as lesbian because he “didn’t know” that you could change your gender. “I didn’t know anything like that,” Gabe went on. “All I know was, ‘Oh, I feel like a boy.’” 

After stumbling on a video of another man’s transition at 22 years old, he had “no doubts” about going through the process.

During the spinoff, fans were introduced to his girlfriend, Isabel Posada, whom he met while traveling in Colombia on business. While she was initially surprised to find out he was a trans man, the pair shortly started a relationship, prompting Gabriel to move to Medellín, Colombia. 

Viewers watched as Gabe chose to tell Isabel’s conservative parents that he is transgender and he’s earned a lot of praise from fans with how open he’s been about his journey — including more private topics like his surgeries. 

Gabe educated viewers on phalloplasty, which TLC defined as “plastic surgery performed to construct, repair or enlarge the penis.” 

“About five years ago, the procedure that I got is called ALT phalloplasty,” Gabe told producers during the March 12 episode. “The doctor takes a layer of skin from a part of the body, either here [your arm] or your thigh to create the penis.” 

He added, “The nerves to the clitoris to the new phallus. And so if you don’t have good nerves in your thigh, or whatever donor site that you use, you’re not gonna have any tactile sensation.” 

The business owner took viewers along as he and Isabel visited a surgeon in Colombia to discuss top surgery as he felt “feminine” and it made him “uncomfortable.” 

During the consultation, the surgeon asked Gabe why he opted for a phalloplasty first, rather than breast surgery first since that’s usually an easier procedure.  

“I felt that it was more important for me because my chest it’s OK, it’s not real big so it’s OK,” the TLC personality replied. “So I always said, ‘Oh, later, later.’”

Despite being worried about the “complications” since his other surgery was a tough recovery process, Gabe concluded that the surgery would be “a lot cheaper” in Colombia than in the United States.

The reality star continued to open up about his transition while speaking to Isabel’s father during the April 9 episode.

“When I was that other person, I didn’t like anything in my life,” Gabe said about life before his transition. “I didn’t like my body, my face, nothing.”

He then shared a photo of himself before the transition, which helped Isabel’s father better understand Gabe. “Hearing Gabe say that he hated himself because of his situation of being a girl with so much pain is surprising to me,” he said in a confessional. “But I see how difficult it is because he didn’t accept himself.”

“It felt like I had body parts that didn’t belong there. It’s like, if you have an imaginary arm sticking out here, and only you can see it — nobody else can. It’s like, this doesn’t belong here. Everybody’s like, what are you talking about? You look just like everybody else. But you feel it. And you just want to change it,” Gabe explained in his own confessional. “I didn’t feel normal.”

He also recalled hoping he would wake up each morning as a boy when he was a child. “When you wish you were somebody else every day, it’s really depressing,” Gabe said. “I put myself through hell just so I could be in the body that feels mine, and I don’t feel like I want to die anymore.”

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