Getting personal. 90 Day Fiancé star Isabel Posada admitted she was “a bit scared” before getting intimate with her fiancé, Gabe Paboga.

“I didn’t know what I was going to find in a physical sense,” Isabel, 34, shared while recalling the first time she had a sexual experience with Gabe, 32, during the Sunday, February 19, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. “I didn’t even know what those surgeries entailed. For me, it was something incredible — and still is.”

She went on to reveal more details about their sex life, explaining that Gabe – who is transgender – feels pleasure like any other man. Despite being content with their sex life, Isabel admitted that she still had questions about the technicalities of sex with him – including if he can ejaculate.

“Clinically, medically, it’s so perfect,” the mother of two said. “He can be stimulated. I touch him and he feels it.”

Isabel and Gabe, who made their TLC debut during season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, met through a mutual friend while out at a club. After instantly hitting it off, Gabe moved from Florida to Colombia to pursue their relationship.

During the February 5 episode, Isabel recalled being surprised to learn that Gabe is a trans man and noted that she learned about it via social media.

“I began to see photos of his surgery. I began seeing that he was a trans guy,” she told cameras. “That was a big surprise for me. I would have never noticed because Gabe just looks like a man. I had a lot of questions because when I met him, I didn’t see any feminine traits in his body, voice, his face. Everything was perfectly of a man.”

While Isabel admitted she never considered herself dating a transgender man, she decided that she wanted to be with him.

“We had a connection from the beginning,” she said during a confessional. “I wanted to keep talking to him.”

Gabe previously spoke to Entertainment Tonight about why he didn’t immediately reveal to Isabel that he’s transgender when they first met.

90 Day Fiance's Isabel Admits to Being 'a Bit Scared' Before Getting Intimate With Gabe

“I’m not gonna lie, we were, like, dancing real nice together, and we was, like, making out together,” he told the outlet. “And I’m like, ‘Oh, crap. She doesn’t know.’”

After noting that he is usually transparent about his gender identity, the Florida native responded to concerns that he should have told Isabel before they kissed. “I 100 percent should have, like, that’s why I never get myself in this position,” Gabe said. “But then it’s like, when you meet somebody in person, and you’re with them, like, do I say it, like, right before? It was just everything happened so fast … Yeah, no, it’s terrible.”

“In a perfect world I would, but I didn’t know that she even liked me in the first place,” he continued. “So it’s like, do I tell her that and I’m never going to see her again?”

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