She’s moving on! 90 Day Fiancé alum Fernanda Flores is now more “confident” than ever and she’s “ready to give love another chance” one year after her separation from Jonathan Rivera. The former TLC star shares an update about her post-split life in an exclusive interview with In Touch, revealing she’s excited to be back on the dating scene.

“I feel better with myself,” the brunette beauty, 21, tells In Touch about what inspired her to open up her heart again. “I think we shouldn’t jump into another relationship right away when you’re hurting, because than you’re doing it from a need,” she explains. “I chose to heal by myself and now that I’ve moved on, I’m ready.”

The former TV personality even reveals what she is looking for in a potential suitor, noting how he’s got to have it going on.

“A family-oriented guy who has values and appreciates the small things in life, who has a healthy lifestyle, ambition and a positive mindset,” Fernanda tells In Touch.

90 Day Fiancé Star Fernanda Flores Has a new Man After Jonathan Split
Courtesy of Fernanda Flores/Instagram

As far as their physical attributes, she likes “tall guys and a cute smile, and maybe some muscles.” The model admits “respect and loyalty” are her non-negotiables. “If something is off with those than it’s a deal-breaker,” she says.

Fernanda recently started using the popular dating app Match to connect with men that have similar interests and goals, and she’s optimistic about meeting someone she could build a future with.

“I have found some guys, but I haven’t been in a date with any,” she tells In Touch. “I may soon!”

90 Day Fiancé Star Fernanda Flores Has a new Man After Jonathan Split
Courtesy of Fernanda Flores/Instagram

When it came to selecting her own profile photo on the app, she says it was all about sending a positive vibe. “Some smiling pictures and the ones I think show my personality, also funny facts about me,” Fernanda reveals about the pics that she chose.

While chatting with In Touch, the star also reflects on her past and how it has shaped the woman she is today. “I’ve learned exactly what I don’t want in my life,” she says. “Someone that loves you will build you and want you to grow.”

Fernanda is very focused on expanding her career at the moment and in the process of getting a divorce, but that doesn’t mean she is closed off to finding her Mr. Right.

“It’s not like I’m looking for it, but I am open to the idea,” she says. “Someone with patience that will support me and contribute to my happiness, I’ll definitely go for it.”

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