The tension between Elizabeth Potthast‘s husband, Andrei Castravet, and her family finally reached its boiling point. The Moldova native threatened to fight his brother-in-law after a family dinner went wrong on the Sunday, August 9 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

The drama kicked off after Elizabeth’s brother, Charlie Potthast, and her dad, Chuck Potthast, started to ask Andrei’s friends and family questions about his past during a dinner shortly after the Florida natives touched down in Europe. Andrei, 33, was upset because he felt Charlie and Chuck has no right digging into his past. Andrei and Charlie then got into a tense fight that escalated very quickly — to the point where the brothers-in-law almost came to blows.

“Shut the f–k up, you’re gonna take it outside now,” Andrei threatened. “Come on,” Charlie said, standing up from his chair and Andrei rose too. The men then got in each other’s faces, taunting and challenging the other until Andrei’s friends jumped in to break them up. After Elizabeth pulled her husband away, he agreed to sit back down.

“In America, we do what the f–k we want and we say what the f–k we want,” Charlie said as Andrei’s friends held him back. Andrei stood up again and insisted they take their fight outside of the restaurant. “Get the f–k out. I’ll f–k you up man,” Andrei told his wife’s brother and he responded, “Do it!”

Eventually, both men cooled down enough to sit down at the table with the rest of their group. But Elizabeth, 29, was still obviously shaken. “I just heard, ‘F–k you,’ ‘No, f–k you,’ and then they both got up,” she said in her confessional. “I don’t know what the f–k is going on, but like, they’re both at fault right now and like, that’s no way to behave. This is not OK.”

Andrei’s sister-in-law tried to diffuse the situation and urged him to out his “fire out.” Charlie was upset that Andrei threatened to fight him when he and his father traveled from the United States to visit Andrei in his home country to attend his second wedding to Elizabeth. Andrei told Charlie to “go back” to his country. Andrei’s sister-in-law told him to show his in-laws some respect, and his brother, Radu Castravet, also tried to mediate. Radu felt the reason why things escalated so quickly between Andrei and Charlie is because they had both been drinking alcohol, but Chuck insisted there were underlying issues in their family.

90 Day Fiance Elizabeth Potthast Castravet Husband Andrei Castravet and Brother Charlie Nearly Fight
Courtesy of Andrei Castravet/Instagram; Inset: TLC

Elizabeth interjected and told her brother the reason he doesn’t get along with her husband is because they are “similar” and “hot-headed.” Even as Andrei’s friends tried to calm the situation by chatting with Charlie and Chuck, Andrei told his wife to tell her brother to “get the f–k out now.” Charlie called Andrei an “asshole,” and Andrei’s friends urged Charlie to “stop provoking” him. That’s when Charlie got up and went outside.

Andrei then started to argue with Chuck. “Tell them to pack their bags,” Andrei told his wife. Elizabeth scolded Andrei for treating her family so poorly. At that point, she gathered her things and demanded they leave.

“This night has been ruined. Andrei has been drinking and he’s treating my family this way, like, it’s not OK. I’m so daunted and I’m so over all the f–king negativity. Like, we’re here to come together and enjoy each other’s time and he’s making it worse.”

While waiting for their car service, the couple got into a fight and Elizabeth called Andrei’s behavior at dinner “embarrassing.” Andrei then started to charge back into the restaurant to try to fight Charlie again. “No, you’re not fighting my brother, you’re insane!” she yelled after him. Andrei then pulled his brother aside and instructed him to tell everyone to go home. Radu tried to explain to Andrei that he was “messing it all up,” and Andrei accused Radu of taking Elizabeth’s family’s side. Eventually, Andrei agreed to leave first with Elizabeth but they continued to fight because Andrei felt Elizabeth should have taken his side in the fight between him and his brother.

“I’m most upset because it’s my husband doing this,” Elizabeth said in her confessional before leaving with Andrei in a taxi. “My family is here specifically for me and for him, and if he doesn’t want them to be here, then I’m leaving. I’m not doing it. We’re not getting married again.”

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