Back to America? 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Deavan Clegg threatened to leave her husband, Jihoon Lee, in South Korea again to return to the United States with their children after they fought over Jihoon’s financial struggles and their living situation on the Monday, July 6 episode.

“I am extremely angry with Jihoon,” Deavan, 23, said in her confessional. “We came here to his country to live with him and change our lives the least he could do is check out the apartment to make sure it was suitable for a family.”

Deavan and her mom, Elicia weren’t the only ones who were upset with Jihoon. The 29-year-old’s mother and father also expressed concern about their son’s family’s living conditions. “I want [to] cry,” Jihoon said in his confessional. “Everyone [is] disappointed in me. This situation is very messed up [all because of] me.”

90 day fiance deavan threatens to leave jihoon in south korea
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Things did not get any easier for the family as they entered the apartment. Deavan said it was smaller than she expected and the interior didn’t look anything like the photos she saw online. The space did not have a living room or a proper kitchen or stovetop to cook their family’s meals.

The couple stepped aside to talk privately. Jihoon pointed out that Deavan was the one who chose the apartment after viewing it online, but Deavan refused to accept the blame. “Jihoon, you should’ve been in charge of finding the apartment, not me,” she said.

“He’s supposed to be a husband and a father but he can’t even look at an apartment for us,” she said in her confessional. “It just feels like I’m doing all the heavy lifting in this relationship and he has not done anything so far.”

Jihoon told Deavan he would find a solution, but that they would have to live in the apartment for at least one month before he can find them a new place. Deavan refused to stay in their apartment for a full month. “Joonie, you don’t help. It’s just to the point where I can’t do it anymore,” she said, starting to cry. “I said I will do everything,” he assured her. Deavan didn’t believe Jihoon would step up. “You said that when you found out I was pregnant. That was a year ago. It’s been one year of this, Joonie. I’m really upset.”

In his confessional, Jihoon admitted what Deavan said was true. After their discussion, he stepped out of the apartment and cried. “I’m the biggest f—king idiot in the world,” he told himself.

The next morning, things were still tense between the couple as they continued to weigh out their options. They both agreed they need to move as soon as possible, and Deavan told Jihoon he should be the one to pay for their next apartment. But they struggled to understand each other because of their language barrier.

“But I am just debt finished now, yeah, right? [sic] I am paying everything, for marriage, you move to Korea, a new house. I’m very hard trying [sic],” Jihoon said. Deavan insisted he didn’t help pay for any of their previous expenses. She asked if he could help pay for their new rental and he said he would be able to only after he finishing paying off their previous expenses. But Jihoon struggled to explain in English, so they used a translator device to help them communicate.

Jihoon told Deavan he doesn’t have the money right now, and she asked what he did with the money from his recent paycheck. The device did not translate properly, which led both of them to lose their patience. Eventually, Jihoon admitted he lied to Deavan about his finances because he wanted them to be together and said if she is unhappy with their living situation, then she can return to the United States. But he asked her to stay for at least a few months before she leaves.

“I will leave when my mother leaves,” Deavan said and walked away. Inside, she admitted she wasn’t sure about what to do. “I’m really confused ‘cause I don’t have anything to go back to,” she said, crying. “I really don’t have anything anymore. But I don’t have anything here either.”

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