Dang, is that you, Colt Johnson? We recently met the reality star on Season 6 of TLC‘s hit show 90 Day Fiancé, but looking through his Instagram pics, we almost don’t recognize him. It turns out that the 33-year-old software engineer used to rock a totally different look back in the day with long, luscious locks — and we kind of love it. So do others. “You should grow your hair again,” wrote one fan in the comments. Watch the video above to check out Colt’s old ‘do, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

What do you think, should he bring the look back? He kind of rocked it, and we’ve got definite hair envy. Then again, maybe his lady Larissa is into the more clean-cut vibe he has with his short hair and glasses. As his fiancée, we wouldn’t be surprised if he takes her preferences into account. Then again, maybe fiancée isn’t the right word, because actually, it seems like the couple already tied the knot IRL. Yep, a little social media snooping seems to prove that they’re still together — and that they even got a new kitty, Colt’s fourth.

Fans, however, aren’t ready to buy that the couple is the real deal just yet. There’s already suspicion that Larissa could be this season’s main gold digger — which isn’t helped by the fact that they already seemed to be fighting about money from the first second we met them. And they seem to have a lot of other disagreements, too. People online have picked up on that, and are quick to comment on the couple’s seeming lack of chemistry. “I don’t get love vibes from Colt & Larissa,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “I don’t even get like vibes. Annoyance vibes, on the other hand…” Another continued, “Oh Colt. Does that red flag need to smack you up the head to see you are her ticket to the US?”


But some fans do have at least a little hope for the couple. “At least Colt and Larissa don’t need the translator app,” wrote one show watcher on social media. Others are just here for the drama: “I am totally here for the fight between Larissa and Colt’s mom. I hope the cats get involved too.”

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