If you’ve been watching Season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé, which premiered on Sunday, Oct. 21, then you’ve already met Colt and Larissa — and you’ve probably also noticed that they’re a pretty classic couple for the show. The cultural differences are huge, they’ve got family issues, there’s some shady dealings surrounding money, you know the formula. But they also seem to actually like each other. Will they be one of the few that actually goes the distance? Let’s review what we know about the couple.

How did Colt and Larissa from 90 Day Fiancé meet?

Like we said, they’re a pretty classic couple for the TLC show. If you didn’t already know, you could probably guess they met online. But they didn’t meet through a dating site. They actually met on social media. Though the 33-year-old software engineer had tried talking to local women, he wasn’t having much luck — so he decided to start looking a little farther, and that’s when he found Larissa, 31. According to Colt, it “wasn’t long” after they started talking before they decided they wanted to meet up IRL. Since he’s from the States and she’s from Brazil, they split the difference and planned to meet in Mexico. After spending five days together, Colt popped the question — and Larissa said yes.

Colt And Larissa From 90 Day Fiancé In Mexico

Are their money problems going to be an issue?

The first episode of the new season immediately set up some drama for the couple. Though Colt had already booked Larissa’s ticket to America to start their 90 days together before their wedding, and her Visa had already been approved, she didn’t actually have her Visa in hand, which meant she couldn’t travel. She asked her fiancé to just rebook her on the next flight, but he didn’t want to spend the money without a guarantee that she’d be able to make the flight — which lead to her asking if it would really be that much money.

The new reality star voiced his fears that he thinks his fiancée may have a wrong idea about how much money he (and everyone else in America) has. And viewers at home also could see what wasn’t being said — that she might just be using him to fund her move to America and new life there. And though Colt told the cameras that his lady doesn’t seem to mind that he lives with his mom, who he financially supports, we also wouldn’t be shocked if, later in the season, she started pushing for him to pay for his own place, too.

Are Colt and Larissa still together?

We can’t say for sure just yet, but if you’re looking for spoilers, we think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that they are. Romper mentions seeing photos of them together on social media, so it seems like Larissa has deleted at least a couple of pictures of the pair from her Instagram. There are still pictures of the couple up, but they’re all from their TLC photoshoot — so they could theoretically be just for promotion’s sake. But a photo from July seems to show the couple went on an adventure together to a gorgeous library. It’s Colt’s pic, and we recognize his fiancée’s long, black hair — not to mention the tattoo on her arm.

There’s also the fact that they’ve both been posting pictures of the same cat, and it seems like they adopted the furry feline together. “My little werewolf,” the Brazilian beauty captioned her pic, while the techie shared photos of his own. He already had three cats before, but this cat was definitely not one of them. It could just be that Larissa is missing the cat that they got together and that the pictures she took are old, but we’d bet money that they’re not — and that the couple is still living together.

Another may have come from Colt’s mom, Debra. Reality Blurb says that her Instagram bio used to state, “I live in Las Vegas with my son & his wife who help me financially since the passing of my husband of 26 years. I like to be on my computer and cook.” She’s since edited it, though, and now there’s no mention of Larissa or any potential daughter-in-law, so we have to imagine that came from TLC cracking down on spoilers.

But the best evidence is probably the marriage license that Reality Blurb managed to dig up. It cites their marriage date at June 24, 2018 — which would mean that photo from July on Colt’s Instagram is probably from the couple’s honeymoon. There are even more photos far-away locations in the following days and weeks, seeming to bolster that idea. There’s even one shot of a statue captioned, “Eternally yours.” We think we know who that might be for.

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