Season 6 of TLC’s hit reality TV series 90 Day Fiancé just kicked off earlier this week, but there’s already a frontrunner for the title of this season’s gold digger — Larissa! The Brazilian beauty did not make a very good first impression to fans because of the way she seemed very preoccupied with her fiancé Colt‘s finances, or lack thereof, and it seems like it’s going to be an ongoing issue for the couple during the season.

Colt, 33, is a software engineer who lives in Las Vegas with his mother, Debbie. Colt explained that he had not been lucky in love in the past with American women, so he decided to go international. He met Larissa, 31, online and he was surprised that she responded to his message. But they ended up hitting it off, and the couple met for the first time in person during a vacation in Mexico — and Colt proposed to Larissa after spending only five days together. The couple only spent a total of 11 days together before Larissa’s K-1 visa was approved and she was ready to move to America to marry Colt.

But Larissa didn’t get her visa in time for her flight, and she told Colt to reschedule her flight as soon as possible, but he couldn’t afford to reschedule Larissa’s flight right away, and she was upset. “I think Larissa has a false understanding of life in America,” Colt said in his confessional. “Not everyone is a millionaire. Maybe she thinks I just have a lot of money in the bank or under the mattress or something.”

Larissa wanted Colt to cancel the rescheduled flight and buy her another ticket so she could fly out that day, but he explained that a same-day ticket would cost him about $2,000 and he could only afford to reschedule the flight for two weeks in advance. When Colt explained that he couldn’t afford a new ticket, Larissa told him, “Baby, you are American so you can do it!”

She also felt insecure and thought that Colt really rescheduled her flight for so far in advance because he was getting cold feet. “My point of view, if you love someone, you have to do everything to be closer. Do you have doubts about us and you want to [have] some time alone?” she asked. “I hurry because I love you so I thought that you feel the same.”

90 Day Fiancé airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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