Changes of plans! 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way stars Brittany Banks originally hoped to relocate to Jordan to be with her fiancé, Yazan Abu Hurira. But on the season 2 finale,  the couple decided it would be best to apply for the K-1 visa so Yazan to move to the United States amid ongoing tension with his family.

The couple met with their translator, Adam, who helped them discuss their options after Brittany, 26, learned that Yazan’s family could disown him if they wed without his parent’s blessing. Yazan, 24, told Brittany that even meeting with her again could possibly put him in “danger” because they don’t approve of Brittany. He explained his family is using social media to watch the couple’s every move and his father is still very upset that he’s continuing his relationship with Brittany.

Yazan revealed his family thinks Brittany works in the adult entertainment industry because of the revealing photos she posts on social media. They also think the couple have already gotten married behind Yazan’s parent’s backs, are having sex and doing other things that are considered taboo in Yazan’s Muslim culture. Yazan said his family tribe is upset, and his father is going to sit down with the Sheiks to decide what to do about the situation.

“There are two things. They might kill me, or they might disown me. It’s one of those two,” Yazan said.

Yazan told Brittany he wants her to forget all of the family tension and make the decision about whether she wants to marry him from the heart. The Chicago native said she needed time to think before revealing her answer.

The following day, the couple had a chat one-on-one to discuss their future. “I just don’t think Jordan is the best place for either one of us in that case. It’s too dangerous,” Brittany told her man. “I know we talked about, before I moved here, the possibility of you moving to America and I was really against it, but now, after learning everything, I think it’s best for us to go there.”

90 Day Fiance Still Together Brittany Banks and Yazan Abu Horira

In her confessional, Brittany explained why she didn’t want to bring Yazan to the U.S. originally. “I wanted to make sure his intentions were pure and I didn’t want it to be at my expense,” she said in confessional. “But I know this is something I really need to do if our relationship is gonna move forward.”

She asked Yazan if he would consider moving to America and he seemed unsure at first. Yazan said living in the U.S. was not a dream for him. “I hope to be here in Jordan, but if you want to go, I’m thinking, just, I want to be with you,” he said.

The next step would be to begin the long and expensive process to apply for a K-1 visa, which would allow Yazan to legally enter America as Brittany’s fiancé. Once he arrives in America, the couple would have 90 days to get married or Yazan would need to return to Jordan.

“I’m really not ready to marry Yazan right now, but maybe by the time this whole visa process is finished, I’ll be ready to marry him then,” she said in her confessional.

She also told Yazan that she wants to return to America and live there while they wait for the visa to be approved. Yazan said he worried that if she returns to America, she would end up changing her mind and decide not to get married.

Before Brittany returns to the U.S., the couple met with Yazan’s brother, Obaida Abu Hurira, who gives the couple his blessing. Obaida also agreed to talk with their parents and convince them to allow Yazan to return home while he awaits the visa process.

The following day, Brittany left before Jordan closed its borders and imposed a lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. Yazan admitted he was worried about their future and Brittany also seemed unsure.

“I love Yazan, but I don’t know if this is the right relationship for me and I don’t know if this is the right relationship for him,” she admitted in her confessional. “Yazan really does stand to lose a lot by marrying so there’s just a lot that we both have to think about.”

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