90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way stars Brittany Banks and Yazan Abu Harirah’s relationship status is keeping fans guessing after the season 2 finale aired on TLC. With a new cheating scandal coming to light, keep scrolling to find out what we know about whether Brittany and Yazan are still together!

Sparks flew between Brittany, 26, and Yazan, 24, after they met through his sister, who lives in America. Their romance quickly turned tumultuous after she arrived in Jordan to be with Yazan, who was raised by a conservative Muslim family. Brittany subsequently upset her new love when she arrived in his native country with alcohol. His family also didn’t approve of her risqué social media posts.

In addition to their cultural differences, their relationship was in the middle of another rough patch as Brittany didn’t tell Yazan that she is still legally married to her ex. During an October 2020 episode, she flew back to Chicago to try to secretly handle the divorce.

“I’m not completely lying to Yazan. I’m just not telling him the full truth … I need to get this divorce finalized because I can’t keep buying time,” Brittany told the TLC cameras. “If I don’t come back to Jordan with the divorce papers, our relationship is over.”

90 Day Fiance Still Together Brittany Banks and Yazan Abu Horira

As Yazan’s tension with his family over Brittany escalated, his parents kicked him out and fired him from his job. He has since accused Brittany of not caring enough about his situation.

“I had to stay on the street for two days. Then I rented an apartment and looked for work,” he explained on the series. “I don’t talk to [anyone] anymore. I spend time alone. This has been truly the most difficult time I’ve been through.”

On top of everything, Brittany and Yazan got into a huge fight over FaceTime while she was on the way to the airport to return to Jordan. Yazan blamed Brittany for him crashing his car, and the argument that ensued led the couple to briefly split. Even though she was broken up with Yazan, Brittany still decided to go to Jordan because her friend, Angela, had already purchased flight tickets and a hotel room. Angela originally planned to join Brittany in Jordan to meet Yazan in person for the first time, but Brittany said she would turn it into a girl’s trip instead.

About 24 hours after they broke up, Brittany admitted she missed Yazan. Angela convinced Brittany to call him and he immediately came to pick them up. After the couple reconciled, Yazan decided it would be best for them to hire a translator so he could explain to her everything that happened while she was in America.

90 Day Fiance's Brittany Defends Dating Standards After Yazan Drama
Courtesy of Brittany Banks/Instagram; Courtesy of Yazan Abo Horira/Instagram

With help from a translator named Adam, Brittany learned that Yazan was facing death threats and the threat of being disowned by his family if he continued his relationship with Brittany because his family does not approve of her. Yazan left Brittany to make the decision if she wanted to remain in a relationship with him, and he said if she was willing to stay with him then he was willing to give up his family for her.

Before she made her decision, Brittany wanted to talk with Yasan’s brother, Obaida. She invited Adam to help translate their conversation and Obaida consoled her as she broke down in tears.

In the season finale, Brittany revealed her decision. She wanted to remain in a relationship with Yazan, but she felt it would be too dangerous for the couple to live in Jordan together. She suggested they change the plan and instead of her moving to Jordan and starting their lives together there, she would file for Yazan’s K-1 visa so he could move to America to be with her. The couple agreed and Brittany promised to begin the K-1 visa process as soon as she returned to the states.

But are they still together now? 

Brittany boldly accused Yazan of cheating on her in a new teaser clip from the 90 Day Bares All special airing on January 4, 2021. The two argued over the sultry portraits she shared online first, but the reality starlet said she never lied about the type of content she posts. “You knew all of that. You’re trying to use that as an excuse after the fact that you got caught cheating several times,” she alleged. “That doesn’t fly with me, little toxic manipulator,” Brittany fired back at him.

Offscreen, the twosome’s social media activity has been full of mixed signals ever since season 2 came to an end. After ranting about Yazan via Instagram in late June 2020, Brittany claimed that she was “hacked” on the social media platform. Yazan, for his part, told his followers that we all have “emotions and mood swings,” noting he was trying to be a “gentlemen” to Brittany.

90 Day Fiance Brittany Posts Cryptic Message About Cuffing Season Amid Yazan Drama
Courtesy Boss Brittany/Instagram; Courtesy Yazan Abu Harirah/Instagram

In August, Brittany quoted Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” alongside a video cuddling with Yazan on the couch.

Despite the PDA, it seems their relationship took a turn. In October, Brittany shared a cryptic message about “cuffing season,” which is when people who are single for the summer begin to look for a partner for the colder fall and winter months, seemingly hinting she was single.

By November, Brittany surprised fans by defending her relationship with Yazan and defending the standards she held Yazan to while they were together. Because she said she goes “hard” for him, fans felt she was hinting that they were still together.

That same month, Brittany took to Instagram to share a series of screenshots of text messages allegedly sent by Yazan, which seemingly proving her previous claim that he “switched up” on her after she moved from America to Jordan. In the messages, he allegedly told Brittany he didn’t care if his family doesn’t approve of their relationship and that he wanted “to start [a] new life with” her.

Brittany added fuel to their split claims when she shared a video of herself twerking on Instagram, which would upset Yazan’s family because they don’t approve of her sexy photos and videos on social media.

Following the season finale, she took to Instagram to slam the show’s producers and claimed they were “garbage ass humans” for the way they portrayed her story line on the show.

90 Day Fiance Star Brittany Dad Slams Yazan Amid Split Rumors
Courtesy The Boss Brittany/Instagram; TLC; Courtesy Yazan Harirah/Instagram

At this point, all signs seemed to point at a split between the couple but Brittany confused fans even further by sharing an update on Yazan’s K-1 visa process. She said the application was going “great” on December 2, seemingly revealing that they had already begun the process to bring Yazan over to the states from Jordan.

She also shared a cryptic quote that seemed to hint the couple may be working things out after all despite their differences. “Ciara be shaking her ass freely and her husband be tweeting about God and openly loving on her. Ladies do wtf you want. Your soulmate gonna love you for that lol,” one tweet posted by Brittany, 26, read on December 10.

Yazan, for his part, has refrained from oversharing on Instagram but during an Instagram Live on December 13, he accused Brittany of “using” him and his brothers slammed Brittany publicly. That led Brittany’s father, Greg, to come to her defense. “You are a useless man and have been one since I met you. That’s why I did not approve of you in the end,” Greg said.

Following Greg’s comments, Yazan took to Instagram Live to share an update on where he and Brittany stand. According to a screen recording of the Live shared by 90 Day Fiancé fan page 90 Day The Melanated Way, Yazan revealed he and Brittany are broken up and he has a new girlfriend who is also American. “I swear, I am happy now with my girlfriend, I forget everything,” Yazan said during the clip.

Yazan also revealed he and Brittany are on better terms now. “Yesterday, we talked, me and Brittany and we [agreed] we are not talking anything about each other. She’s focused about her life and I’m focused about my life. And I don’t want to make more drama,” he added. “I hope everybody forget this relationship and this season and this TV [show].”

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