Wedded bliss? 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star Jess Caroline shocked fans when she announced on the season 5 tell-all that she had not only moved on from ex-boyfriend Colt Johnson but that she was married! She introduced her husband, Brian Hanvey, during the reunion and fans are wondering if the couple is still together.

“I don’t want to fight with you anymore, I don’t want to talk with you anymore. I moved on. Now I found the man of my dreams. He’s so nice to me,” Jess told her ex during part 3 of the tell-all, which aired in October. “I need to say, thank you Debbie, for sabotaging this relationship because now I am so happy and now I have [a] healthy relationship.”

90 day fiance jess brian still together
Courtesy of Jess Caroline Hanvey/Instagram

Tell-all host Shaun Robinson asked Jess if her new guy was there with her and asked if viewers can meet him. That’s when he placed a chair next to Jess and sat in on her video call.

“Look [at] my upgrade!” she gushed. “Brian, he is the man [who supports] me, make me happy every single day, help me a lot, make me happy, love me, is loyal, don’t lie. He’s not a guy that [needs] to talk with a lot of women for feel better [sic]. He’s just [sic] needs me. He’s made me [feel] special every single day. And I have a news, guys. I have big, big news.”

After teasing her surprise, she reached out of frame to grab a framed photo of her and Brian on their wedding day, flashing the picture and her ring to the camera. “Marry!” she announced. Colt congratulated Jess. “You did it,” he said.

“I have a man [who] support me, that’s too much better than just Green Card with you,” she told her ex, who sarcastically congratulated the Brazilian native on getting a Green Card.

She went on to explain she met Brian, who is a musician from Michigan who currently resides in Las Vegas, through Colt’s ex-wife, Larissa Dos Santos Lima. Larissa had previously reached out to Jess to warn her about Colt, and the women became friends after Jess and Colt split.

“When I started talking to Larissa, Larissa introduced [her best friend] Carmen to me and me and Carmen started talking every day,” Jess revealed. “And she said, ‘Jess, I think you need [to] try dating again because you are so pretty, so nice.’ She say, ‘I have a friend. He’s vegetarian, [likes] the same music as you and I think [it’s a] perfect match.’ And me and Brian started [to] talk.’”

Shaun asked how long did Jess wait after her split from Colt to start dating Brian. “Pretty quick. Five months?” Brian said. “We had to rush it because she lost her job, so I thought the best thing to do is to marry her to make sure to keep growing our relationship.”

“So I told Brian I would go back to Brazil and he said, ‘No. I don’t want to lose you. I need you here with me.’ And he say, ‘Do you want to marry?’ And I say, ‘Yes!’” Jess explained.
When Shaun asked if they only got married so that Jess could stay in the United States legally, Brian responded, “We were talking about getting married before but not this fast.” Jess explained that he didn’t want to be in a long-distance relationship with her, so they tied the knot.

Shaun asked if they think they’ve had enough time together to be able to know that they’re meant for each other. “I think so,” Brian said. “We’ve been talking and it’s faster than I wanted it to be, but the connection I have with her is something I haven’t felt like ever and I didn’t want to lose it.”

“Brian is so sweetheart, he’s so nice. His family is so nice, his mom is so sweet,” Jess gushed. “And now I find my true love!”

Earlier in the season, Jess gushed over sex with Colt and Shaun asked how Brian compares to her ex. “With Brian, it’s not just sex. He respects me. Me and Brian make love,” Jess said.

Now, it seems Jess and Brian are still together and going strong. They posed for sweet photos ahead of their first Christmas as a married couple on December 20. The couple lives together in Las Vegas, but on Tuesday, December 22, Jess shared a series of Instagram Story videos from a visit to a Christmas tree farm in her husband’s home state of Michigan.

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