90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise star April Carter found love overseas with her boyfriend Valentin on the white sand beaches of the Dominican Republic, but are they still making their relationship work? Keep reading to find out everything we know about their current relationship status. 

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars April and Valentin Meet?

April is a doctor who specializes in critical care medicine and met the Dominican Republic native while on vacation on the island. 

“I was staying at a resort, and I met Valentin at the gym,” the Texas native told producers during her debut on the May 1 episode. “He looks really, really good.” 

90 Day Fiance Are April and Valentin Still Together 333

In the past April dated “plenty of professional men” but she said it was “different” with Valentin because he made her feel like a “priority.” 

“He’s considerate, he is genuinely concerned about my well-being,” she continued. “In my heart, I feel like Valentin is the man I’ve been waiting for, and it took me going to the Dominican Republic to find him.” 

Valentin admitted April’s body initially caught his attention, but in a private interview, added, “She’s a very intelligent person, very dedicated and despite her social status, she’s very humble.” 

While the medical professional kept the first year of her relationship hidden from her family, they didn’t hide their opinions after finding out. 

“You’re a beautiful girl. Why the hell you got to go to a whole another damn country to meet somebody?” her sister Melanie told her.

“I’ve been dating, like doctors and lawyers and business owners, like I want to do something different,” the TLC personality continued. In a confessional, April added, “I think a lot of professional men are after the trophy wife and are threatened by a women’s success and I can’t diminish my light for a man.”

During the May 8 episode, April arrived in the Dominican Republic. During this trip, Valentin planned to show the medical professional his hometown of Santo Domingo. However, she was not pleased when she arrived at his humble abode. 

After previously letting Valentin know that her germaphobia acts up in new places, she declined to use the bathroom in his mother’s house after seeing the humble toilet with no flush handle.

Her harsh reaction to his home had lasting consequences as Valentin felt disrespected. When the couple returned to the luxury beach area of Sosua to stay for a few days together, he made multiple excuses to leave. 

After three days apart, April finally went looking for him and he told her he didn’t like how she acted toward his family. 

'90 Day Fiance'- Are April and Valentin Still Together

“Look, honestly. I’m not spending time with you because you’re a person who’s always throwing things in my face,” the personal trainer told her during the June 19 episode. In a separate confessional with producers, he explained why he couldn’t stay with April. 

“After we left Santo Domingo, I acted like as if everything was OK,” he continued. “But as soon as we got to the hotel, I had to leave and I left. I wasn’t comfortable. Things changed.”

Are ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars April and Valentin Still Together?

After Valentin’s disappearance from the hotel, April confronted her partner after finding him walking down the street. 

“So you’re telling me that you haven’t come around for all this time because I made you feel like a small man?” the Texas native explained. “And you didn’t have the dignity to come to me like a man and tell me what the problem was?”

The interaction clearly ended negatively as April and Valentin began arguing over money before she abruptly walked away from the conversation.

The problems are only set to continue as April and Valentin sat down for one more conversation during the July 3 episode. 

“Do you have any idea how much it cost for me to visit?” she asked him in a teaser for the episode. 

“Every time you bring up coming here, you mention money,” Valentin replied back. In a separate confessional, he told producers that it was hard to be with April because she felt she was superior since she has money. 

“I think she doesn’t value me like I deserve,” he concluded.

Following the airing of the scene, April confirmed her split from Valentin.

“Are you still single?” one fan asked via a July 7 Instagram Q&A session. She responded, “Yup and living it up.”

In another reply, she revealed that she was still in contact with her former romantic partner. 

“We talk all the time,” she wrote. “But we are seeking something different in life. I respect his journey and he respects mine.”

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