1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton worried that her husband, Caleb Willingham, was lying to her about his health before he died in June 2023.

While Tammy, 37, proudly celebrated her weight loss and newfound freedom that came with her ability to move better, she speculated that Caleb wasn’t being honest with her in a teaser clip for the Tuesday, January 9, episode shared by Entertainment Tonight.

After she reached her weight loss goal in rehab and qualified for bariatric surgery, Tammy was able to move back home to Kentucky as she continued her health journey. However, the move meant that her marriage to Caleb became long-distance as he remained at the Ohio weight loss facility they met at.

“I don’t think he’s avoiding talking to me, but it feels like he’s hiding something, not being honest with me,” she explained, noting that they regularly communicated via text but weren’t able to talk on the phone often.

The couple then eventually spoke on FaceTime, where Tammy confronted him about her concerns.

“I’m not gonna sugar coat everything, I’m still struggling with this eating thing,” Caleb admitted during the call. “I don’t know how I’m getting this far out of control.”

He went on to drop the bombshell that he had just been hospitalized. “I’m not in the hospital [now],” Caleb clarified. “I went and had six days in the hospital, my co2 levels went back up, and they were talking about pneumonia.”

Tammy admitted in a confessional that she was shocked by the news and explained that his trach can cause infections and complications, which may have led to the hospitalization. “I can’t believe that he didn’t tell me that they sent him to the hospital,” she told the producers.

Despite the health scare, Caleb assured Tammy that he was putting in the work to get better. “I gotta take care of some business, get my health together,” he said. “That means not making you worry.”

After Tammy told Caleb she wanted him to be honest with her, she continued, “Don’t tell me like you’re taking care of things, I want to know how you’re actually doing.”

He didn’t respond to her request, though simply said, “I love you.”

1000-Lb. Sisters' Tammy Slaton Worried Caleb Was Lying to Her About His Health Before Death

While it’s not clear when exactly the episode was filmed, the scene took place before Caleb died on June 30, 2023, at the age of 40.

Back in December, the YouTuber revealed how she learned about Caleb’s death. “I was sitting in the fetal position,” she told People. “I got a text message from his friend up there and the text said, ‘Caleb’s not doing good. They’re in there working on him.’ ​Twenty minutes later he texted me back and said he was gone.”

The pair had a whirlwind romance after they met at the rehab facility. Tammy and Caleb tied the knot just two months after they met in November 2022. It’s been speculated that they separated, though Tammy has not clarified what their relationship status was at the time of his death.

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