So this is … interesting. An Army veteran who appears on Dr. Phil on February 7 calls himself “Goose Wayne Batman” and has completely devoted his life to being a superhero. What?! Watch the video above to see for yourself, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

On the Dr. Phil episode “My Fiancé Believes He’s a Superhero,” a woman named Kalan is desperate for Dr. Phil’s help because she says her fiancé, Giovanni, has taken on the persona of a superhero and will only answer to “Goose Wayne Batman.” Just two days after he asked Kalan to marry him, she says he decided to change his identity. But she doesn’t want to walk down the aisle with a masked man! Fair enough, does he also have Bruce Wayne money for a kickass reception or what?

dr. phil

Kalan says Giovanni refuses to take off his mask or eye makeup and even though she has loved him since she was 14, the whole thing may be too much for her to handle. Can you blame her?

But what about this “Goose Wayne”? What does he have to say about his calling? He explains in the clip above, “My day to day is finding people who are breaking the law and I try to bring them to justice.” OK, fair, but why not be a police officer or security guard or something? Seems easier than this plan, but whatever.

Giovanni continues in the clip, “I physically train to be Batman … to win fights.” He boxes every day and does social media videos to draw attention to his new identity. Again, this sounds like a whole lot of work, but more power to him, we guess.

Dr. Phil even asks “Goose Wayne” whether he understands that Batman is not real, and he does seem to get that the Caped Crusader is fake. “I don’t even like cartoons,” Giovanni clarifies. Make sure to watch the video above to find out why Giovanni has decided this is what he needs to do with his life, no matter what his fiancée or anyone watching at home thinks!


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