Fans got to know Margaret Johnson when she appeared on a season 10 episode of My 600-Lb. Life. Where is Margaret today after she was featured on the TLC show?

Where Is ‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Star Margaret Johnson Today?

Not much is known about Margaret’s life today. While she has an active Facebook page, she has not shared many updates and seems to enjoy her private life.

What Happened to Margaret Johnson on ‘My 600-Lb. Life’?

Margaret weighed more than 700 pounds when she made her reality TV debut during season 10 of the show in 2022. While working with Dr. Nowzaradan, Margaret struggled to drop weight but ultimately shed enough pounds to qualify for weight loss surgery.

During the June 2022 episode, Margaret was hospitalized after she had trouble breathing. Both Margaret and her mother worried she suffered a heart attack, though Dr. Now treated her for an infection and instructed her to follow a strict nutrition plan. The new diet helped Margaret achieve her weight goal, and she officially became eligible to have gastric bypass surgery.

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Throughout her time on the show, Margaret opened up about many issues she faced due to her weight including having troubles breathing. She also attributed her weight issues to being verbally abused by her father during her childhood, which led her to have a food addiction.

Margaret Johnson Argued With a Nurse on ‘My 600-Lb. Life’

Margaret memorably got into an argument with a nurse while she was in the hospital. The altercation began when the nurse asked Margaret if she could get out of bed, though she argued that her legs were “too swollen” to move. The nurse then stated that she needed to clean Margaret in order to prevent an infection, and the patient gave her the silent treatment.

“Don’t touch me,” Margaret said as the nurse tried to clean her. After she continuously refused to be cleaned, the nurse ultimately accepted that Margaret wouldn’t change her mind.

Another nurse attempted to persuade Margaret to let her clean her, though she insisted she wouldn’t be “pushed around.” Margaret continued, “I’ve been through hell and back. I’m having nobody push me around. I almost died a month ago … I’m done.”

“I’m physically here, but emotionally I’m checked out,” Margaret explained about her mindset in a confessional. “I had an emotional breakdown. I hurt in the leg. I’m getting a cellulitis infection again. I feel like nobody cares about me. Nobody loves me.”

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