Making tough decisions. My 600-Lb. Life star Mark Rutland went against his doctor’s advice to get surgery despite admitting that his weight makes everyday tasks feels like “torture.”

“When you get to be this size you’re definitely broken mentally,” Mark, 42, explained in a teaser clip from the Wednesday, March 1, episode of the TLC show shared by People. “I know I’m fat and I have the ability to change, but I can’t stop eating because when I’m eating it’s the only time I get relief from the physical pain. It’s the only time I’m happy.”

The Florida native opened up about his binge eating and a fast food addiction, which resulted in him weighing 715 lbs. Once he hit the highest weight he’s been, Mark turned to bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan for help.

Despite Nowzaradan’s advice that he undergo weight loss surgery, Mark decided he didn’t want to go under the knife. Instead, he hoped that making lifestyle changes would help him lose up to 500 lbs. naturally.

“Everything’s been going good,” Mark told his parents in the clip. “I’ve been working with the trainer at the gym. I’ve been losing weight, he’s happy with the progress I’ve been making. But with all that being said… I’m not gonna do the surgery. Hopefully not ever.”

After his mother noted that bariatric surgery is a huge decision, she suggested that Mark talk to his sister April, who works as a nurse, before completely deciding against the procedure.

While on the phone with April, she told Mark that he was making a mistake and insisted that the surgery is an opportunity he can’t turn down.

“Yeah, I get it,” Mark said. “I got the greatest weight loss doctor in the entire world and all you guys want me to do it. It’s not an easy decision for me not to do this.”

His dad then noted that Mark only lost 160 lbs. naturally, which means he has a long way to go before he can have the surgery.

My 600-Lb. Life's Mark Rutland Decides Against Doctor's Advice to Get Weight Loss Surgery

“I don’t want to hear that. It’s the same s–t Dr. Now was saying. ‘You still have 300 lbs. to lose.’ It’s like yeah, I don’t care,” Mark admitted. “You work hard, you do everything you can and then the number on the scale, that’s gonna take care of itself.”

Mark then insisted that he has “no intention of going backwards,” though April pointed out that he will likely never have the opportunity to undergo the weight loss procedure again.

“I know, but I’m gonna get the opportunity to see what I’m made of right now and that’s more valuable,” he responded.

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