The Little Couple has been on the air on TLC for 14 seasons, but after all this time, fans still aren’t sure what star Jen Arnold does for a living. Although most viewers are aware that she’s a doctor, not many know what type of doctor she is. 

In 2017, the reality star and her husband, Bill Klein, moved to Florida from Texas for her new job. Jen and Bill relocated themselves and their two adopted children, Zoey and Will, to St. Petersburg so she could take a job as the director of the Simulation Center at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Medical Center.

While living in Houston, she was board certified in pediatric and neonatal medicine and served as the director of the Simulation Center at Texas Children’s Hospital. She also took the education route and taught neonatology at Baylor University.


The reality TV personality received her medical degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, She then completed a residency, Master of Science in medical education and did her neonatal-perinatal fellowship training at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and University of Pittsburgh Medical School.

But Jen didn’t always want to be a doctor! She explained in a 2019 interview with the Tampa Bay Times about her career path.

“I love medicine and I love science, but I almost became a marine biologist,” she recalled. “I went to the University of Miami and then I encountered something called physical chemistry and I thought, what am I thinking?”

Jen never actually took that physical chemistry course and that caused her to rethink her profession. “I also realized I’m not much of a lab person, I’m more of a people person,” she said. “So, I applied to med school.”

She added that she applied to more than 30 med schools and was suspicious of the schools that wanted her to attend.  “In my personal statement I said that I was a little person and that I had benefited from great health care and I wanted to give back to kids,” she said. “I never know to this day if that’s why I didn’t get any other interviews, but I feel like it probably had something to do with it.”

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