The Little Couple is back for their ninth season — yes, ninth! — but after all this time, fans still aren’t sure what Jen Arnold does for a living. Although most are aware that she’s a doctor, not many know what type of doctor she is. The reality star and her husband, Bill Klein, recently relocated to Florida from Texas and now she has a new bada– job. Watch the video below to learn more about Jen’s career!

Recently, the 43-year-old told revealed that her cancer is in remission after months of intense chemotherapy. At the time, she revealed, “I had my official last chemo treatment, and while I’m hesitant to say I’m cancer-free – maybe that’s common for people who have had cancer – I’m doing great. Everything is moving in the right direction. I am very excited.”

Jen — who shares two young adopted children, Zoey and Will, with Ben — said that her health crisis often left her exhausted. “It actually got harder as more time went on,” she added. “Some weeks were more difficult than others with different side effects. I had a lot of fatigue and nausea and some days it just felt like my hands and feet were very heavy.”

Today, however, she’s thriving in her new job — despite battling two hurricanes! In an Instagram post earlier this month, she wrote, “We are grateful to be safe and sound up here in the Northwest,” adding that she was a “hurricane magnet.” She continued, “[The] kids are doing great and now we’re just praying for the safety of our loved ones who are still in central Florida: my aunt and uncle in St. Petersburg and of course Bill’s family on the East Coast. So please keep everybody in Irma’s path in your prayers today.” We’re happy to hear Jen and her sweet family are doing well!