Can we expect the family back on the small screen? Welcome to Plathville fans only got to enjoy the show for six episodes on TLC, and the season finale aired on December 10. Since then, people have been wondering whether or not the Plaths will be back for season 2. Micah Plath addressed the topic in the comments of an Instagram post he made on January 1.

Micah, 18, shared two photos of himself in front of a butterfly mural and captioned the post, “Going into 2020 like … !” A fan then commented, “Are you going to have a season 2? Loved it!” The reality star and model replied, “We’re not sure yet.” And he would probably know if there was any news to tell!

micah plath in front of butterfly mural
Courtesy of Micah Plath/Instagram

At the end of the first season of Plathville, there was a major cliffhanger about Moriah Plath leaving for Minnesota. However, it’s still unclear whether or not the reality show will be renewed so viewers can find out if she returned to the farm and what the rest of the family is up to now.

For what it’s worth, Micah seems very interested in continuing the series. He wrote on Instagram on December 11, “Y’all let’s hope for another season!! I have grown and matured since this last one! I’m just becoming the true Micah!😁”

Moriah, 16, on the other hand, seems a little more unsure about the show being renewed. “This past season was a crazy time in our lives, but I just hope that every step we take will lead us closer to who we are meant to be,” she wrote on Instagram on December 11. “And a very special thank you to all our fans! … y’all deserve one❤️.”

ethan and olivia plath smiling in a gazebo
Courtesy of Ethan Plath/Instagram

Olivia Plath, however, doesn’t seem as eager to return to television. Ethan Plath‘s wife admitted on Instagram that she got a lot of haters after her once the show aired, and she even took a break from social media due to the scrutiny. “I’ve received so much hate on all of my platforms since our show aired, and while I know that is just part of being in this industry, I don’t need to be seeing that negativity and toxicity every day,” she wrote on December 13.

Olivia, 21, also revealed that TLC “didn’t want” the show in the first place unless she and her husband were on it. “His parents told me if we filmed with them Ethan could see his siblings again,” she said in an Instagram comment. “So we said yes.”

Unless that’s still a reason to film, Olivia and Ethan may not be back even if Welcome to Plathville returns — but Micah and Moriah could be! Stay tuned.

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