The Family Chantel star Chantel Everett hinted that she’s ready to start dating again amid her ongoing divorce from her estranged husband, Pedro Jimeno.

“I get plenty of people in the DMs. Yeah, and some of them are really nice,” Chantel, 32, told Parade in an interview published on Friday, November 3. “Some of them are really nice…”

Following six years of marriage, the former couple separated in April 2022 and Pedro, 32, filed for divorce one month later. He stated that their marriage was “irretrievably broken,” according to court documents obtained by In Touch.

After he submitted the divorce filing, the TLC personalities were issued mutual restraining orders that prevented them “from doing or attempting to do, or threatening to do, any act that injures, maltreats, vilifies, intimidates, molests or harasses the adverse party.” The Georgia native then filed counterclaims, accusing Pedro of “adultery” and “cruel treatment.” The restraining orders went into effect in July 2022.

While talking to Parade, Chantel shared an update about how she’s been doing following the split. “I have my good days and bad,” she shared. “But luckily, I have my family to pick me up when I when I need it. But I just didn’t realize how much I was going to have to lean on them.”

The end of their marriage was documented during season 4 of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff, while fans can expect to see the downfall of their relationship play out during season 5.

In a teaser clip for the upcoming season shared by People, Pedro claimed that his estranged wife took $265,000 out of their joint bank account.

“Chantel stole all the money from the joint bank account,” he explained in a confessional during the Monday, November 6, premiere episode. “I went this morning to try to get little things for my apartment, and when they tried to swipe the card, the card said, ‘Declined.’ I noticed that she swiped out everything.”

The Dominican Republic native then stated that Chantel eventually gave the money to the court after she spent $60,000.

The Family Chantel’s Chantel Everett Hints She’s Ready to Date Amid Pedro Jimeno Divorce
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Meanwhile, Chantel defended her decision to take the money in her own confessional. “He was trying to say that I stole money, but no, I didn’t,” she began. “I did take money out of the account, but I was using that money for our divorce and the bills of the house. And then, I gave the rest to the registry of the court.”

The reality star added that she took the money because she “didn’t know what he was capable of.” She continued, “I’m like, ‘I need to take this money out before Pedro runs off to the Dominican Republic somewhere and hides it.’”

Pedro then speculated that Chantel wasn’t “paying all that money in legal fees and house in expenses” and even alleged that she tried to have him deported back to the Dominican Republic.

He argued that their marriage was a “scam” and said he worried that Chantel wanted “revenge” against him following their split.

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