He’s serious. The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno asked his estranged wife, Chantel Jimeno (née Everett) for a divorce on the Monday, August 22, episode of their reality show.

“I feel that we go different ways in life. It’s not the same anymore,” the Dominican Republic native, 30, told Chantel during a tense conversation on the spinoff. “I can’t do this no more.” 

‘The Family Chantel’: Pedro Tells Chantel He Wants Divorce 2

While Pedro previously asked the Atlanta, Georgia, native for separation, she wasn’t expecting him to ask for a divorce. 

“I really wanted to know if you valued this marriage and were willing to work on it, and the answer is no,” she replied to him before walking away from the conversation. “So, there’s nothing more we need to discuss.” 

However, the brunette beauty questioned Pedro’s real motives to dissolve their marriage in a confessional with producers. “I cannot think of anything that I have done that warrants having Pedro ask me for a divorce,” Chantel explained. “We just started this separation. I’m starting to believe that he’s just wanted to be single this whole time.”

Prior to making his decision to divorce, the pair tried living in their shared home together, just in separate rooms. However, Pedro felt Chantel was “not giving him the space” he was asking for.

“I try to do the separation, here in the same roof, things haven’t done any good like I expected because you haven’t respected my space,” he continued. “The only reason that I want to talk to you right now is because I’m feeling like for real, I want to get out of the house and I want my divorce.” 

Earlier in the episode, Pedro met with divorce lawyer Afiya Hinkson to discuss his options for ending his marriage. He learned that Chantel was still financially responsible for him for 10 years due to the affidavit of support she signed after he obtained his green card. 

He also learned that separation from Chantel would be costly. “There are two types of divorces. There’s what we call uncontested and contested,” the attorney informed him. “Uncontested matters from our firm start at $5,000. Contested matters at my law firm start at $10,000.” 

In Touch previously confirmed that Pedro filed for divorced from Chantel on May 27, after six years of marriage. 

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