Tyler Baltierra has no shame in showing some skin to make money on OnlyFans. The Teen Mom star defended his use of the platform while clapping back at critics of his decision.

The reality star’s response came after his wife, Catelynn Baltierra (née Lowell), promoted his OnlyFans on X and received an influx of comments from haters.

“Cate buys me what the people on OF are requesting to see lmao!” Tyler, 32, wrote. “I’m not shy or shameful about my body whatsoever! She’s having a lot of fun with it, which makes it fun for me [and] we’ve been having a blast doing this together tbh! It’s making well over 6 figures already [and] has stayed in the top 1 [percent]! So everyone who chooses to hate can keep on hatin [and] we’ll just keep on rollin I guess.”

When someone responded to Tyler’s tweet and said that OnlyFans was “degrading,” he added, “Your opinion is totally valid from your perception. But I’m choosing to raise my daughters with the understanding that body’s [sic] are nothing to be shameful about. They’re meant to be embraced [and] loved in all their various forms, especially through the freedom of expression.”

Someone else also told the MTV personality that Brandon Davis and Teresa Davis, the adoptive parents of his first daughter, Carly, would not approve of his OnlyFans venture. “As far as B [and] T go, I couldn’t please them or get their approval if I was damn Mother Teresa [sic] herself lol,” Tyler replied. “Besides, I refuse to live my life trying to live up to anyone’s expectations besides my own!”

Tyler and Catelynn, 31, were in high school when Carly, 14, was born. They placed her up for adoption on their episode of 16 & Pregnant in 2009. The couple has been able to maintain a relationship with Carly, Brandon and Teresa, but the dynamic has been strained at times.

In 2015, there was tension between the families after Brandon and Teresa told the Baltierras that they couldn’t post photos of Carly on social media. However, Tyler and Catelynn were able to reunite with the teenager in June 2023.

teen moms tyler baltierra claps back at critics of onlyfans

“It was absolutely amazing,” Carly gushed exclusively to In Touch in August 2023. “Carly’s getting older, so it’s just fun talking to her about, like, what stuff she’s into. Does she like any boys at school?”

After Carly’s adoption, Catelynn and Tyler went on to have three more daughters, Novalee, Vaeda and Rya, born in 2015, 2019 and 2021, respectively. The girls got to spend time with Carly during the 2023 visit, which Catelynn said she “loved seeing.”

“As long as the girls have a connection, that’s what’s important to me,” she added.

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