The baby daddies of Teen Mom are an infamous part of the reality TV series. For one, most of them are known for, well, not being very good dads. From drug abuse to missing child support payments, the dads are an endless well of drama. But now that Teen Mom and its predecessor, 16 and Pregnant, have been on the air for about 10 years now, fans have watched the cast practically grow and change right before their eyes. Many of the dads who started off as irresponsible teenagers have grown into successful parents, which is exciting for loyal fans to see. On the flip side, watching folks literally grow up on TV means we watch them age, too. We observe them as they transform from awkward, skinny teens to full-fledged adults. And honestly, the baby daddies are aging the worst, especially when you think about the dads' ages and how they're all still young. What's up with the accelerated aging process?

Although the famous moms have gone through their own transformations, from extreme weight loss to plastic surgery, they've all remained looking reasonably young, especially when you compare them with the dads who've aged lightening fast. Many of the baby daddies, some who are only as old as 26, look way older. It's becoming so noticeable that we couldn't ignore it anymore. We understand people can't look like skinny teens forever, but some of these baby daddies have changed dramatically in a short amount of time. And that's not to say there's anything wrong with aging, it's a natural process that will literally happen to all of us. But it's a little concerning how quickly the dads have aged in relation to the moms. Don't believe us? Check out the before-and-after photos below to see what we're talking about.