He’s been at the center of controversy as of late. Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans tied the knot to her newest baby daddy David Eason back in September 2017, and now they have a daughter together named Ensley. Even though they were head-over-heels in the beginning, they’ve since faced no shortage of drama. Don’t know much about David’s backstory? We’ve got you covered.

He has a questionable past.

David had some trouble with the law. As recently as just two weeks before his wedding, Jenelle’s fiancé narrowly avoided jail time for violating a restraining order by hugging his son from a previous relationship. Luckily, he got off with just one year of probation, rather than the 60 days of prison that he was originally facing. He has actually done time before for larceny, breaking and entering, injury to property, and drug paraphernalia possession, during which he was cellmates with Jenelle’s ex-husband Courtland Rogers.

He has three kids of his own.

Judging by the tons of Instagram pics David posts with Jenelle’s kids, you’d think he’s the most hands-on stepdad ever. However, he’s had a little practice. David actually has custody of his daughter Maryssa from his first marriage, as well as his son Kaden. Along with his two-year-old daughter with Jenelle and her two other boys, the couple admitted to UPI that life can get a little “hectic.”

He has Vitiligo.

Jenelle is super sensitive to trolls mocking her hubby’s rare skin condition. When a fan took aim at the discoloration of David’s hands in the comments of a sweet Instagram photo by saying it looked like he has AIDS, Jenelle immediately clapped back. “It’s called vitiligo you f–king idiot,” she raged. “It’s a loss of pigment in your skin. People are models these days for it. You need to research STDs if you don’t know wtf AIDS does to you … and def don’t do that s–t to your skin like that. Maybe you’re the one with AIDS and don’t even know cuz your [sic] as dumb as a box of rocks my friend.”

He’s smitten with Jenelle.

David can’t seem to contain his excitement about his bride. He often posts pics of her on Instagram with captions like, “You take my breath away babe,” “You are so beautiful my babe,” and “I am one lucky man.”

He’s already involved with Jenelle’s drama.

Jenelle may love David, but her ex Nathan Griffith can’t stand him! He even went so far as to accuse David of being on drugs during a wild Twitter rant following TM2! “Unless you’re trying to hide something, I didn’t know you had to protect your eyes from the UV rays inside … ?” he said, questioning why David wore sunnies in the courtroom. “I think I would recognize if my boyfriend had an alcohol problem,” snapped Jenelle. She’s also admitted that David has problems with her mom. In a now-deleted tweet storm, she said her mom “can’t seem to get over” the fact that David “is the best thing that ever happened to her,” so for that she was “trying to ruin his reputation.”

He was fired from Teen Mom.

Jenelle’s husband crossed the line when he made some gross homophobic and transphobic comments in February 2018, so MTV decided to cut ties with the reality star. “David Eason’s personal comments do not reflect the views of MTV,” the network tweeted. “With six weeks left of production on Teen Mom 2, effective immediately, we are ending our relationship with him.”

The couple has fueled split rumors.

Jenelle, 27, and David, 30, have appeared to be on the brink of breaking up a few times over the years, but fans thought they were headed for Splitsville for good in 2019. The speculation picked up in February when Jenelle wrote that she was “Single AF” on Facebook while her husband changed his relationship status to “single.” Then on April 29, Jenelle updated her Facebook status to report that she was “feeling sad,” but she didn’t disclose the reason why. The reality star later noted that she was “separated” under her relationship status. Are they really over?

He shot and killed Jenelle’s dog.

Fans were taken aback when a report surfaced on April 30, claiming that David shot her beloved French bulldog Nugget. David reportedly shot the dog about two acres away from their home and Jenelle said she’s devastated. The reality star revealed she and David are “not on talking terms” after the ordeal and divorce is even in her “thoughts.” On May 1, David released a statement defending his actions, claiming that he killed Nugget after the pup snapped at Ensley. Now, several fans are begging MTV to take action and fire Jenelle since they are over the drama. We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds, but we’re hoping for the best as kids are involved.

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