Breaking down her walls! Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer opened up during a heartfelt chat with her new boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley, about her children and the U.S. Army cyber officer revealed he was “excited” to meet her three kids: Aliannah “Ali” Simms,  Aleeah “Gracie” Simms and Adalynn “Addie” Calvert.

In an In Touch exclusive sneak peek of the Tuesday, March 22 episode, Jaylan arrived at Leah’s home for a visit and she gave him a tour. “These are the twins right here?” the former NASA employee asked while looking at baby photo of Ali and Aleeah in Leah’s living room, and she showed him Addie’s baby photos too. They sat down and Jaylan asked if her kids were home.

“They’re not here right now. They’re with their dad. I have Addie basically all the time, she’ll go to her grandparents’ on the weekend, but for the most part, she’s with me,” Leah explained about her custody and vistitation situations with Ali and Aleeah’s dad, Corey Simms, and Addie’s dad, Jeremy Calvert.

“From what I see, like through social media, just like their personalities, you know what I mean? Their different personalities,” Jaylan said.

The West Virginia native gushed, “Yeah, but they’re so much fun. The twins, they’re amazing. They’re pretty cool. Addie is …”

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“Addie is in her own world, always,” Jaylan finished and Leah laughed. “She makes you laugh when she’s not even trying.”

“Even Ali, she’s so independent. She has Titin’s myopathy, which is a rare form of muscular dystrophy. When she breaks down her muscles, there’s no way of gaining that strength back without some kind of cure or treatment, which we don’t have,” Leah explained.

Jaylan asked Leah more about muscular dystrophy and she explained it’s a “progressive disease.” The mom of three added, “She’s so strong-willed. Most of the time, she wants to walk. She doesn’t want to use her wheelchair. I think eventually she’ll understand, I’m not holding you back. I want you to walk too, that’s why I’m having you use the wheelchair so you can stay walking.”

Leah opened up so much to Jaylan during their convo and she explained that she would not normally share her feelings with just anyone. “I like you, and because we’re trying to get to know each other, I’m trying to be vulnerable and honest and get to know you more,” the Hope, Grace, & Faith author admitted. “I don’t drop this stuff onto anyone. Just telling you about my kids, that’s all. I love them. They’re my life.”

“Thank you, I appreciate you being honest with me,” the North Carolina native said. “When that time comes, I’m really excited to meet ‘em. Hopefully we get to that point where I can meet them.”

In her confessional, Leah opened up more about her boyfriend and their blossoming relationship. “There’s so much about Jaylan that I feel like that feels different,” Leah gushed. “He just is connected in a way that I’ve never experienced with someone else. It’s like he gets it. The biggest thing that I was anxious about is just him not having kids and me having not just one kid, but three kids and a child with special needs and him just being understanding of that and I think he was really receptive. He’s a good listener, he’s compassionate. That’s why he’s quote unquote ‘winning the damn race,’ OK ladies? So, keep your options open until someone’s winning the race, that’s all I’m gonna say.”

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