The Survivor episode 8 tribal council in season 46 was absolutely wild, as Q tried to abruptly quit the game. Nobody was expecting him to declare that he was ready to leave the show, especially since he was trying to put so many plans into motion just hours prior.

“The only person going home tonight is me,” Q said at tribal council, which left host Jeff Probst absolutely flabbergasted. “The only reason I’m opposed to going back to camp today … If someone goes home tonight, and it was’t the right way. There’s probably five people here right now that are like, ‘Who the heck am I voting for?’ because of a mistake I made in the game.”

“I’m not trying to steal someone else’s joy,” he continued, as everyone around him was visibly confused. Several of his fellow players called his bluff, and pointed out how hard he had been working to execute a blindside earlier in the day.

“Someone is going to get voted out because of last minute things that happened and I feel partially responsible for,” he added. “I want y’all to go on and start playing the game because everybody has a new opportunity.”

Jeff, 62, declared that he’s “never seen anything like this,” as everyone began to scramble around him. He called it “one of the craziest tribals ever.”

“If someone wants to walk out of the game willingly, I’m not going to coddle them to say, ‘Stay,'” Tevin told Jeff after Q’s speech.

The players then began gathering in small groups to discuss everything that had transpired, Q included.

Survivor Tribal Council Erupts After Q Tries to Quit the Game
Robert Voets/CBS ©2023 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

“Why is he acting like this? We’re all supposed to be on the same page,” Tiff asked a few of her fellow castaways during a conversation off to the side. At that moment, it was still rather unclear if Q actually was going home on his own accord. He partook in conversations with his tribemates, causing even more confusion among the group.

Tiff found out from her tribemates that Q told everyone she had a hidden immunity idol. It was obvious that she was fuming when it was time to vote.

Somehow, almost everyone got on the same page to vote out Tevin instead of Q by the end of the chaotic tribal council. “I was a little bit confused tonight by Q’s antics,” Tevin admitted in his exit interview. The preview for next week hints at a major blowout between Tiff and Q, so get your popcorn ready!

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