Last week on Survivor season 46, the players pulled off some epic blindsides against two of the biggest threats in the game. But in episode 8 on Wednesday, April 17, they were forced to deal with the consequences of their unexpected votes.

Multiple Players Took Credit for Major ‘Survivor’ Blindside

Both Soda and Tim were sent packing in two separate tribal councils in episode 7, and multiple players tried claiming responsibility for the big moves in episode 8. Once the players returned to camp, Ben broke down in tears over Tim’s shocking elimination. Venus, on the other hand, called out Tevin for writing her name down at tribal council. Venus also took full credit for Soda’s blindside, meanwhile, Tevin felt like he was really the one who orchestrated the whole thing.

“I don’t need credit. I’ll explain my game when I get to the final 3,” Tevin said in a confessional.

Liz also shared some distaste for the way Venus was gloating about the move. “I have to stop hesitating and I have to start taking action or the action is going to be taken on me,” she explained.

Charlie was approached to fill Tim’s spot in the six person alliance that’s running camp. He expressed hesitancy to join the group, consisting of Q, Tiff, Tevin, Hunter and Maria, at first.

The Players Identified New Threats at Camp

In a strange turn of events, the players decided to play a game of hide-and-seek at camp. Many of the players shared in their confessionals that they felt like the game was a good way to gauge who was good at being sneaky. Hunter and Ben were the MVPs of the game, as their tribemates were unable to find them hiding in the jungle.

“Finding out who can hide in plain sight, Ben has to go … Ben, you made a mistake,” Q declared during a confessional, while also explaining that Hunter “made a mistake” for hiding up in a tree.

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Later on, Q had a chat with Tiff, who brought up Maria’s name as a potential threat. Q ran and told Maria that her name was mentioned, as well as revealing that Tiff had a hidden immunity idol. Q told the rest of his alliance that he hoped to blindside Tiff at the next tribal council. But further on in episode 8, things took a bit of a turn.

Who Won Immunity During the Challenge?

A Survivor classic was played during the immunity challenge — hanging onto a pole for as long as possible! Host Jeff Probst gave the players the opportunity to earn rice instead of competing in the challenge. Shockingly, it marked the first time in the new era that the players did not agree to take Jeff’s deal for rice.

The players learned very quickly that the challenge wasn’t as easy as it looked. Several of them dropped one by one within seconds. The final three players left on the poles were Charlie, Hunter and Venus. While it seemed like Venus was going to bring home the win, it ended up being Hunter who won individual immunity and could not be voted out at tribal council.

Who Went Home at Tribal Council in ‘Survivor’ Episode 8?

While initially it seemed like everyone wanted to vote out Tiff to flush out her hidden immunity idol, word quickly spread around camp that Tevin was the next biggest threat. Things got a bit sticky when Tiff told Q the plan to vote out Tevin. “The idea of a plan being changed at the last minute doesn’t really sit well with me,” he said.

Once word got to Hunter that his buddy Tevin was the target, he decided to do “damage control” and try to flip the votes back on Tiff. Charlie still questioned who he should vote for just minutes before heading to tribal council. But then, the players were shocked at tribal council when Q randomly decided he wanted to quit the game.

“The only person going home tonight is me,” Q said at tribal council, stunning Jeff and his fellow players. “The only reason I’m opposed to going back to camp today … If someone goes home tonight, and it was’t the right way. There’s probably five people here right now that are like, ‘Who the heck am I voting for?’ Because of a mistake I made in the game.”

Everybody was confused, viewers included! But despite his speech and emotional outburst, the players around Q weren’t entirely convinced that he was throwing in the towel just yet. They all ran to chat in small groups about changing their votes. Tiff found out through hushed voices that Q spilled the beans about her hidden immunity idol. In the end, Tevin was voted out of the game, which was a total blindside to him.

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