What is she doing? Meri Brown appeared to flirt on social media with a guy she met on a cruise she took to Puerto Rico, and her actions are definitely raising some eyebrows. Considering Meri, 48, is “spiritually married” to Kody Brown, she probably shouldn’t be flirting with anyone, really. However, she does seem to be trying to catch the attention of a man she met on her trip by liking and commenting on his Instagram posts.

In March, the Sister Wives star embarked on a tropical vacation in Puerto Rico — without her fellow wives or her husband. Christine Brown seemed to be on the same cruise, but they appeared to avoid each other. Meri looked like she had an excellent time and appreciated the company of some hunks in a photo she posted to her Instagram on March 27. In fact, she shared one photo in which she handed off some alcohol to two guys near the end of her travels, but their interaction didn’t end there.

“When you win your amazing race challenge in St. Maarten and end up with a bottle of rum but don’t drink and don’t want to carry it on the flight home, you hand it off to a couple of guys you run into while leaving the hotel. 😄 Hope you guys enjoyed it!” she captioned the pic.

It was innocent enough, but then one of the guys wrote in the comments, “@lularoemeribrown the rum was onnnnn point!!! Thank you!!! Send more peeps to Puerto Rico 🇵🇷.”

meri brown puerto rico cruise comment

Meri then responded, “Haha so glad you enjoyed it! 😊 And I’m sure I’ll be back, didn’t get to see quite enough of your amazing city! 😊” Again, there might not have been much to it, but Meri took it further.

Meri now seems to be “liking” this guy’s comments, which is definitely turning some heads for Sister Wives fans. After all, Meri and Kody are still trying to rebuild their marriage — maybe this isn’t the best time to be liking or commenting on the Instagram posts of a guy she met in Puerto Rico?

meri brown flirting instagram

Meri’s latest Instagram update on April 26 revealed that she’s really missing Las Vegas and all her friends there. She also noted that she’s looking forward to “exploring the city, the amazing nature that surrounds me, and of course meeting new people, trustworthy friends,” in Flagstaff. TBH, it kinda seems like that’s not the only place she’s looking to make friends!

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