The shade of it all! Meri Brown made sure to give a shout-out to a special someone for Valentine’s Day on her Instagram, but it wasn’t for her husband, Kody Brown. No, this was an extra special message to her other true love — Mosby the dog! Ouch. We wonder if Kody is taking this to heart or not.

Meri, 48, wrote on Instagram on February 14, “There’s nothing like the true love of a dog. If only the world was filled with the unconditional love of dogs, what an amazing place it would be! 💙💙💙.” But really, is she wrong? Anyway, the Sister Wives star didn’t hashtag the post #ValentinesDay or anything like that, but the whole “love” theme was there. She did include, “#SureDoMissThisGuy #BestDogEver #MosbyTheDog” on the update, along with a whole lot of tags related to her LuLaRoe business, which is arguably another one of her true loves.

For the record, people in the comments were in total agreement with Meri’s puppy love. “Oh yes, their love is the best. I love my fur babies, they are family to me,” one person wrote. Another fan responded, “Couldn’t agree more! Dogs, and animals in general are just so amazing! I wish humans were as amazing.” Preach!

And although there wasn’t a chorus of people in the comments calling Meri out for calling a dog her true love rather than her husband, Kody, 50, wasn’t far from people’s thoughts. “Kody treats you so poorly. I hope you find your self worth and stop putting up with him and his obvious disregard for you,” one reply read. Woof, they sure didn’t pull any punches, did they? Another person wrote, “Is she not with Kody anymore?” clearly signaling that they were confused by Meri’s caption.

For the record, Mosby didn’t die — several fans in the comments pointed out that he lives with Meri’s daughter, Mariah Brown, in Chicago. And just to be clear, Kody and Meri are still together, though they’ve gone through a rough patch and are working on their marriage. We’ll have to wait and see if either of them gives the other a Valentine’s Day declaration of love before the day is over.

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