This is a little weird. Meri Brown and Christine Brown — two of Kody Brown’s wives — appear to be on the same LuLaRoe cruise. However, there’s no evidence the two Sister Wives stars are spending any time together. What gives?

On March 22, Meri, 48, posted an update to her Instagram and said, “Puerto Rico here we come! Looking forward to the next week of cruising with friends! Good times are comin’! 🙂 🎉🎉🎉” and included hashtags like “#LuLaRoeRetailer” and “#LuLaRoeForLife” on the post. Meanwhile, on March 23, Christine, 46, shared an update to her page as well and said, “Getting dropped off by my girls because I’m going on a cruise!!!’ Woop woop #llrcruise #mybabies #ipushedthemoutifmywomb.” Didn’t really need to know that last one, Christine, but whatever works for you.

Meri continued to post to her Instagram proof that she’s on this cruise and definitely hanging out with friends, but apparently not with her fellow sister wife. However, on March 26, she shared a photo of herself with Madison Brown — her sister wife Janelle Brown’s daughter — and Audrey Kriss, her daughter Mariah Brown’s fiancée. Still no sign of Christine, though.

Fans took notice of the lack of quality time between the wives while they’re both supposedly on the exact same cruise. “I’m glad you are hanging with them! Where’s Christine though, I thought she went,” one person noted on her photo with Maddie and Audrey. “Is Christine there, too?” another person asked.

christine brown and kids

Over on Christine’s Instagram post, people were basically wondering the same thing about Meri. “Have fun! Are you going on the cruise with Meri?” someone asked Kody’s third wife. Several others asked where Meri was, too. We guess people tend to notice these sorts of things when the two people involved claim to be “family” and all.

Back on dry land, Kody, 50, admitted that he’s “lonely” without two of his wives around. On March 24, he posted while live-tweeting that evening’s Sister Wives episode, “@rosecolored6 will probably never read these tweets. Right now she and @MeriBrown1 are both on a cruise. Fun for them, lonely for me. #SisterWives.” Well, apparently Christine and Meri aren’t all that lonely without each other. So much for that special “sister wife” bond.

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