Sister wife no more? Meri Brown is apparently dating other guys who are decidedly not Kody Brown, according to former close friend of Robyn Brown Kendra Pollard-Parra. Kendra exclusively revealed to In Touch that the Sister Wives star has been “seeing so many guys” even though she claims to be “spiritually married” to Kody, 50. “That’s what Meri does. She likes attention,” Kendra explained.

Kendra continued, “The minute someone looks at her negatively, she’s done. She’s very hot and very cold. She’s a very difficult person to be around … She dates but she’s probably not going to become public with anybody until they’re serious because she knows the scrutiny she’ll get and her biggest thing right now is keeping her fans happy and promoting her business.” And it wouldn’t exactly look great in terms of the Brown family’s supposed message that they’re one big happy family, now would it?

But if you’re a Meri fan waiting with bated breath for the 48-year-old reality star to leave her husband, you may have to keep waiting. “She’s going to stay on this wagon for as long as she can,” Robyn’s former friend explained. “It’s her only means for survival. Kody just spent all this money on rent and property so he doesn’t have much to offer … Meri’s got to be careful because if she comes out with a guy, she’s going to break contract so she’s got to be careful.”

However, Kendra also told In Touch that Meri “is eventually going to be gone,” so that wait might not be as long as we think. She was living it up on a LuLaRoe cruise at the end of March, even going so far as to post pictures to her Instagram where she’s posing with a bunch of guys. Brother husbands, anyone?

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Between all the signs and reports that Meri is only with her Sister Wives family for filming, and that she doesn’t even appear to be friends with her fellow sister wives, would it really be a surprise if Meri decided to break away completely and find a new man? She seemed totally willing to do that when her catfish came along, after all. So what’s next, TLC? A Meri dating show?

TLC, Meri and Kody Brown did not return In Touch‘s request for comment.

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