She’s a “force!” Sister Wives star Kody Brown opened up about his granddaughter Evangalynn’s rare medical condition while live-tweeting during the emotional season finale on April 12. The father of 18 said he does “believe that she will not be hindered by (FATCO) syndrome,” a.k.a. fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia and oligosyndactyly.

“Maybe the cutest baby that I have ever seen!” Kody, 51, gushed about Maddie Brush (née Brown)’s second child shared with husband, Caleb Brush. “A very sweet and intense person. Check her out at Instagram madison_rose11.”

Kody Brown Tweet About Evie
Courtesy of Kody Brown/Twitter

In another tweet, the TLC star reflected on the day Maddie went into labor. “I get there and everybody is in a fog,” he wrote. “Maybe shock. Like no one understood what was going on with Evie. It seemed understated, even odd. It was so strange.” Evangalynn struggled to breathe on her own initially, but she was allowed to go home after doctors gave her some extra care.

“Despite her challenges, miss Evie K. is already pulling herself up, trying to stand and even take a few steps,” grandma Janelle Brown also tweeted. “Her differences aren’t slowing her down any bit.”

Maddie, 24, and Caleb’s adorable bundle of joy was born without a thumb and toe, and two of her fingers are fused together. She is also missing a fibula (calf bone) and had a bowed tibia (shin bone) in one leg. The reality star did not reveal her daughter’s diagnosis until October 2019, noting she hesitated about sharing the news with fans at first.

maddie brown's daughter evie closeup
Courtesy of Maddie Brown/Instagram

“I remember getting out of the anatomy ultrasound in shock. #Limbdifference was so not on my radar. I was blindsided by it. I couldn’t even pronounce #olygodactyly or #syndactyly correctly,” the TV personality informed her followers via Instagram on April 4. “Once the shock wore off, I felt guilty. I wondered if I had done something wrong. ‘Did I eat something wrong? Did I not provide enough circulation? Did I sit around too much?’ All the things ran through my head.”

After more reflection, Maddie reminded herself that it could have been worse. “I felt frustrated that I was even so upset when all her major organs [were] looking normal and healthy,” she added. “It was a whirlwind of emotions that I made myself shut up and be grateful that everything else looked OK.”

Evangalynn has already captured the hearts of all her loved ones, and her big brother, Axel, can’t get enough of her!

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