Christine Brown claimed on the Sunday, October 22 episode of Sister Wives that their former plural family began celebrating Easter because patriarch Kody Brown was so “in love” with fourth wife Robyn Brown, who recognized the holiday. It was her influence that caused Easter to become recognized in the household, but Kody had since changed his mind.

Janelle Brown explained she and Christine, 51, made plans to celebrate Easter with each other, but Kody, 54, had a different take on the holiday. He claimed he and Robyn, 45, were not celebrating Easter but instead celebrating “resurrection Sunday” instead.

Kody went on to explain that there has been a line in the sand with some family and “some are crossing over, some aren’t.” Christine responded that they have not celebrated Easter in a long time in their family, because Kody said it was “too Pagan.” He went on to claim that he came to the conclusion after speaking with people about the scripture and felt it was more in line with God by celebrating Passover instead of Easter.

Janelle, 54, and Christine began discussing how when Robyn came into the family, she told everyone, “My kids celebrate Easter,” and the family began doing a hybrid Easter/Passover compromise that didn’t exist before her presence.

Robyn and Kody spiritually married in 2010, but legally wed in 2014 after his divorce from Meri Brown so that Kody could legally adopt Robyn’s children from a previous relationship.

Christine snarked that, “Maybe she had more leverage because Kody was so in love with her,” referring to Robyn.

Kody’s apparent favoritism of Robyn over his other wives has long been a sticking point on Sister Wives, and his bending his beliefs about celebrating Easter seemed to be another sign that he held her wishes in a higher regard.

Since Christine, Janelle and Meri, 52, are no longer married to Kody, leaving Robyn as the sole remaining wife, he said, “Right now with where I’m at, I have a life with Robyn and her children,” but hoped things could be fixed between his ex-wives and the children he shares with them.

As Christine and Janelle’s children prepared to do an Easter egg hunt, Kody became upset, saying that it was all a plan to separate him from the children so “they can have them all to themselves.” The women dismissed his allegations, and their family Easter fun went on as planned.

As a result, Robyn said she felt she was in a process of mourning when planning for holidays because the family is not doing things together.

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