Seeking Sister Wife couple Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield have been searching for another wife to join their plural family since season 3, but they haven’t had much luck so far. After striking out with potential wives Roberta and Lea, the couple seemed to finally get somewhere with Nathalia — at least, Garrick did. Dannielle struggled to connect with Nathalia Lima, and her surprise third pregnancy seemingly threw the trio for a loop. Now, fans are wondering if Nathalia, Garrick and Dannielle are still together.

Who Is Nathalia on ‘Seeking Sister Wife’?

Nathalia, a Brazilian woman, was introduced in Seeking Sister Wife season 5, which premiered in March 2024. Dannielle and Garrick met Nathalia on a dating app and came face-to-face with her in Mexico. Fans watched as Nathalia accepted Garrick’s marriage proposal during the April 8, 2024, episode.

Though Garrick and Nathalia hit it off well, Dannielle had some reservations after she and her husband were previously burned in their attempt to add Roberta to the family. She wasn’t connecting as much with Nathalia and even feared that Garrick would not return home from his trip to South America, choosing to live with the Brazil native instead of Dannielle.

“I think I’m just at a place where I just don’t know where my relationship is with Garrick,” she said during the April 22, 2024, episode. “I know we need this separation, I know there’s a reason for it too. … Garrick could if he chose to, run away with Nathalia. I’m nervous about moving forward with Nathalia, in a legal marriage, I don’t know what if he stays there, with her. What if this is the end for us.”

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How Did Nathalia React to Dannielle’s Pregnancy on ‘Seeking Sister Wife’?

Seeking Sister Wife fans received a major surprise when Dannielle announced during the April 22 episode that she was pregnant with her and Garrick’s third child while her husband was away in Brazil. The following day, Dannielle and Garrick — who also share sons Geremiah and Solomon — told People that their daughter, Leia Lilly Melisa Merrifield, was born on May 17, 2023.

Seeking Sister Wife: Are Nathalia and Garrick Still Together?

“Leia is such a personality. She is very particular with what she likes and doesn’t like,” they said. “She makes us all laugh. She is super independent and has been since birth. I prayed she would have her daddy’s beautiful blue eyes and she does.”

As seen in a preview for the April 29, 2024, episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Dannielle decided to reunite with Garrick and Nathalia in South America after a month apart when she announced her pregnancy. However, she felt some tension from Nathalia upon her arrival. The Brazil native insisted that it wasn’t surprising that Dannielle got pregnant because she and Garrick had unprotected sex “on fertile days.”

“You know, right now I’m not sure I made the right choice coming down here,” Dannielle said in a confessional. “I feel awkward with Garrick and I feel awkward with Nathalia. I feel like she’s trying to be happy that I’m here, but I don’t think that she is. It feels like she’s angry at me for being pregnant. I think she thinks I purposely got pregnant to keep Garrick and save our relationship.”

Are ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Stars Garrick Merrifield and Nathalia Lima Still Together?

It’s unclear if Nathalia, Garrick and Dannielle are still together. However, Nathalia’s Instagram seems to hint that she parted ways with the Merrifields to continue down her own path in Brazil. Her page only has 15 posts at the time of publication, and none of them include Garrick and Dannielle.

In December 2023, Nathalia shared that she had become a lawyer in her home country, captioning the post, “Completing another year of life in the best way.”

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