Seeking Sister Wife fans met couple Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield on season 3 of the TLC series as they documented the process of adding another wife to their family. Unfortunately, they’ve had some growing pains as they’ve adjusted to their polygamous lifestyle, causing tension in the marriage. Many fans are wondering if Dannielle and Garrick are still together amid their season 5 return and the news that they’ve welcomed their third child.

How Long Have Seeking Sister Wife’s Dannielle and Garrick Been Together?

Dannielle and Garrick, a married couple from Buena Vista, Colorado, have been together for more than 15 years. Eleven of those years were monogamous, so their decision to try a plural lifestyle — practicing polygamy and courting potential sister wives — is fairly recent.

“We define polygamy as a man having more than one wife and the wives, we consider to be close, like sisters,” Garrick said during season 4 in 2022. “Polygamy is something we felt God really led us to. We believe it’s a reflection of how he is with his church, he has multiple people and he loves them all equally and the same.”

Dannielle added, “It’s about not limiting love and babies. Having a family, a big family.”’

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Dannielle and Garrick got legally divorced in season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife so that he could marry another wife, but they remain spiritually married.

Seeking Sister Wife’s Dannielle and Garrick’s Fights and Conflicts

Dannielle and Garrick have experienced some obstacles while trying to add another wife to their family. They first sparked a connection with a woman named Roberta, a.k.a Bert, in Brazil, and made plans for Garrick to marry her after she moved to the U.S. on a K-1 visa. However, Bert ultimately decided not to come when she learned that Garrick and Dannielle were planning to add a third wife to the family.

Dannielle and Garrick also met a woman named Lea in California, but after starting a relationship with her, they realized that their lifestyles did not mesh.

Seeking Sister Wife: Are Dannielle and Garrick Still Together?

Finally, Dannielle and Garrick are trying again in season 5 with a woman named Nathalia from South America. However, Dannielle has felt nervous because of their experience with Roberta. During the April 22, 2024, episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Dannielle admitted that she feared Garrick wasn’t coming home after he left to spend a month with Nathalia in Brazil.

“I think I’m just at a place where I just don’t know where my relationship is with Garrick,” she said. “I know we need this separation, I know there’s a reason for it too. … Garrick could if he chose to, run away with Nathalia. I’m nervous about moving forward with Nathalia, in a legal marriage, I don’t know what if he stays there, with her. What if this is the end for us.”

Dannielle Announced Her Pregnancy With Baby No. 3 on ‘Seeking Sister Wife’

Also during the April 22 episode, Dannielle announced some shocking news: her pregnancy with baby No. 3. Dannielle, who also shares children Geremiah and Solomon with Garrick, told her sister-in-law that she and her husband were expecting their third child while he was away in Brazil.

The day after the episode aired on TLC, Dannielle and Garrick revealed to People that their daughter, Leia Lilly Melisa Merrifield, was born on May 17, 2023.

“Leia is such a personality. She is very particular with what she likes and doesn’t like,” they said. “She makes us all laugh. She is super independent and has been since birth. I prayed she would have her daddy’s beautiful blue eyes and she does.”

Are ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Stars Dannielle and Garrick Still Together?

Despite Dannielle’s concerns about her marriage to Garrick, they appear to still be going strong as they raise their children. The mom of three took to Instagram to share a video of herself sitting beside Garrick and Leia on the same day they announced her birth.

“We decided to go live today because obviously last night, the show showed that I was pregnant and it’s been quite a while since that was filmed,” she said. “Obviously, you know, we [didn’t] want to ruin the show and talk about [the pregnancy]. So now we’re free to, obviously now that it’s out and we get to share her with the world. … I’m so excited to share this because obviously as a mother, you guys know if you’re mothers, it is so hard not to talk about your kids. Your kids are a part of you and she’s such a joy in our lives.”

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