Seeking Sister Wife introduced viewers to polygamous couple Garrick Merrifield and Dannielle Merrifield as they documented the process of courting another wife to add to their family. TLC fans have watched them strike out in the past with Roberta and Lea, but are curious if they’ve made their love last with their latest sister wife candidate, Nathalia

Are Dannielle and Garrick Still Together?

Dannielle and Garrick hail from Buena Vista, Colorado. They have been together for over 15 years and their relationship was monogamous for 11 years. For the past few years, they have been living a plural lifestyle, which means they started practicing polygamy and courting potential sister wives. They share two children together: Geremiah and Solomon. 

“We define polygamy as a man having more than one wife and the wives, we consider to be close, like sisters,” Garrick said on the season 4 premiere on June 6, 2022. “Polygamy is something we felt God really led us to. We believe it’s a reflection of how he is with his church, he has multiple people and he loves them all equally and the same.”

Dannielle added, “It’s about not limiting love and babies. Having a family, a big family.”

Despite the struggles of adjusting to a polygamous marriage, Garrick and Dannielle appear to be going strong. In March 2024, Garrick showed off a special meal as he and Dannielle spent quality time together. 

“We love grilling out as a family special time. Looking forward to summer,” Garrick wrote on March 12, 2024, as he tagged his wife’s handle.

Are Garrick and Roberta Still Together?

Garrick and Dannielle met Roberta, a.k.a. “Bert,” online via a polygamy dating site in 2019. The Brazil native quickly bonded with Dannielle and sparked a connection with Garrick. After several trips abroad where they spent time together, Garrick proposed to Roberta and she said, “Yes.” Because she is from Brazil, the only way for Roberta to legally travel to the United States is on the K-1 visa, a.k.a. the fiancé visa. Once the visa is approved, Roberta would be able to enter the U.S. as the fiancé of an American citizen under the condition that she and Garrick wed within 90 days of her arrival. If they don’t get married, she would need to return to her home country. If they do get married, she would then be able to apply for a green card to remain in the states.

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There was one issue though: since Garrick and Dannielle were legally married, he would not be able to legally marry Roberta. During season 1, Dannielle made a sacrifice for her sister wife and legally divorced Garrick so that he could wed Roberta under the terms of the K-1 visa. Dannielle and Garrick remain spiritually married.

“It’s been a big challenge getting her to America,” Garrick said on the June 6, 2022, episode.

Dannielle explained, “It has been over a year now since we’ve seen Roberta in person. Roberta had her visa approved not too long ago, but she hasn’t come to the U.S. yet because her mom’s health is not good.”

While Garrick said he and Dannielle are playing “the waiting game” and don’t know when Roberta will move to the states, they also will not be waiting to expand their family by courting another sister wife in the meantime.

Garrick and Dannielle decided to take a trip to Brazil to visit Roberta as they waited for the brunette beauty to make the permanent move to the United States. Their trip would face some major obstacles as Roberta revealed her discomfort at Garrick and Dannielle’s efforts at courting a third wife.

“To be honest, I was not ready for you and Garrick, planning to have another wife, even before I get to the United States,” Bert told Dannielle on the August 22, 2022, episode. “And that is really messing with me.”

While Roberta was open to eventually adding to their family, she wanted to wait until she was established in her new home. After finding out Garrick shared a kiss on a date, she felt he crossed a major boundary. Following a tense blowup, Roberta promised the Merrifields that she would “forget the past and embrace the future” and booked a ticket to the United States.

'Seeking Sister Wife': Are the Merrifields Still Together?

However, things would get worst upon Garrick and Dannielle’s arrival in Colorado as they received an unexpected text from Roberta.

“I promised that I would get there even after everything on the trip. I tried. Tried a lot,” Dannielle said as she read Bert’s message. “But I can’t feel the same as before. Everything that took me by surprise, I was left feeling excluded, feeling like nothing.”

“It was so humiliating for me, all asking how I was feeling, finding out that Garrick and Lea went beyond just conversation and dinner. After that day, I kept thinking that everything we had that was most beautiful, special and pure has broken a piece and is hurting too much, sister,” she continued. “Maybe for you, it may seem like something easy to go through but here, we have another culture. I’m going to pray, shower, try to get some sleep. My head has been hurting a lot since yesterday, I’m sorry we’re all sad.” 

“She messaged me that after I was begging her not to do this,” Dannielle told producers alongside Garrick in a confessional. “And then, she sent me that. Like, I was like, ‘Please don’t do this.’” 

That text message would be their last communication as the former flames have not spoken since. However, Garrick and Dannielle are moving on and plan to meet a new Brazilian woman in Mexico later this year.

Are Garrick and Lea Still Together?

While Garrick and Dannielle were waiting for Roberta to arrive, Dannielle suggested that she and Garrick start courting a third wife. “It was a little hard for Bert when we first decided to start seeking a third because she’s wanting to settle down first before a third comes,” Dannielle said. “For me, I explained to her that the third wife will help balance out the fact that if Bert’s with Garrick, then I have someone to support me and we can do things together and vice versa so we’re not alone. I think that’s why you get married, you don’t want to be alone, right?”

Garrick and Dannielle began their search for potential sister wife No. 3, which led them to Lea. They had met Lea on social media and been courting Lea for about three weeks at the time of filming. Lea is a single mom of one son and a nurse from California. She grew up in a polygamous family and had previously been in a polygamous relationship with the father of her child, but their relationship did not work out.

Dannielle and Garrick decided to meet their potential sister wife in California. However, upon Lea’s arrival — Dannielle and Garrick realized their lifestyles may not mesh. 

“I work in the hospital for 8 to 12 hours,” Lea told the Merrifields over dinner during a June 2022 episode. “I don’t feel like I should have to come home and do laundry and cook.” 

“That concerns me, a plural family has to be united and caring for one another,” Garrick said in confessional. 

Following the California trip, Dannielle and Garrick revealed their communication eventually swindled until Lea ended the relationship.

Are Garrick and Nathalia Still Together?

Garrick and Dannielle tried again after their split from Roberta during season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife season 5, which premiered in March 2024. The couple crossed paths with a woman named Nathalia from South America on a dating app and met her for the first time in person on a trip to Mexico.

During the trip, Garrick and Dannielle seemed to be on different pages as Dannielle believed her husband was rushing into proposing to Nathalia too quickly. Meanwhile, Nathalia confronted Garrick about still being on dating apps despite assuring her he’d delete them.

Garrick proposed to Nathalia during the April 8, 2024, episode, which she accepted.

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