Seeking Sister Wife star Dannielle Merrifield revealed she is pregnant and expecting baby No. 3 with her husband, Garrick Merrifield, amid his overseas Brazil trip.

Fans watched during the Monday, April 22, episode as Dannielle, 36, opened up about the news while chatting with her sister-in-law after spending a month apart from Garrick, 40. The father of two traveled to South America to spend time with Nathalia, the Brazilian beauty he proposed to earlier in the season.

Before the pregnancy news, Dannielle worried about her marriage as she felt Nathalia’s attention was “more towards Garrick” and less concerned about a sister wife relationship with her.

“Our bond, our sisterhood isn’t like truly important to her,” Dannielle told cameras in a private confessional during the April 15 episode. “I’m expressing my concerns to [Garrick] and it’s like, he doesn’t understand them.”

Garrick admitted being concerned about Dannielle and Nathalia as he wasn’t sure they’d be able to work “through things.”

“I think women are emotional and nurturing, but I think that at the same time, it makes them more vulnerable to thoughts, ideas, that come into the mind and then they run with that emotionally too,” Garrick explained in a private confessional. “And having to learn to, well … not, every thought that enters your mind is a good thought to entertain.”

Dannielle communicated her anxieties about welcoming a new wife into the family during the March 25 episode, acknowledging she was “a little afraid because of everything that happened with Roberta [Rodriguez].”

Nathalia then weighed in by communicating with a translation app. “I don’t feel safe being in a polygamous relationship knowing that you’d still feel afraid,” she said.

Garrick was shocked, explaining he thought he and Dannielle were on the same page regarding Nathalia joining the family.

“All I was trying to do was express how I feel about things. I know Nathalia’s not Roberta,” Dannielle said through tears in a confessional. “It’s just … when you trust something with all your heart and they trample it, it’s just … I’ve never had that feeling before. Ever. And that’s devastating.”

She added that it was “so hard to divorce Garrick” so that he could legally marry Roberta, though said she did it because she “trusted” that Roberta “loved” her and “cared about” her.

Dannielle and Garrick met ex Roberta, a.k.a. “Bert,” via a polygamy dating website, similar to how they met Nathalia. After traveling to Brazil multiple times to spend time with Roberta, Dannielle and Garrick legally divorced so Roberta could come to the U.S. on a K-1 visa. While the trio seemed like a great fit, drama ensued with Roberta admitting she wasn’t keen on Garrick adding another wife to the family. She eventually decided to leave the Merrifields and revealed her decision by sending them a text message.

Season 5 documented the Merrifields as they traveled to Cancun, Mexico, to meet Nathalia for the first time.

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