He’s so grateful. Welcome to Plathville star Micah Plath gave a shout-out to his older brother, Ethan, on Instagram, and we seriously can’t get enough of the brotherly love. “Y’all I’m truly thankful for the older brother I have!” he wrote. “He’s taught me so much and has been an awesome example for me to follow! So excited for his and [his wife] Olivia’s future together!! Love y’all both!”

Some fans were thrown off by the timing of the post, however. One person wrote, “I’m confused about this statement, ‘So excited for his and Olivia’s future together!!’ Why congratulate now on IG? They’re already married and have been for a while now. Are they expecting? Or am I overtired?” Micah, 18, took the time to respond, “I was referring to their future in general, as this past year has flown by and certainly doesn’t feel like their wedding was 15 months ago already!!”

micah plath sitting on a tree in the dark
Courtesy of Micah Plath/Instagram

Olivia, 21, has spoken very recently about having kids with Ethan, also 21. But it’s not going to happen any time soon.

In an Instagram Q&A, a fan asked Olivia, “Do you and Ethan want kids? Sorry if that’s intrusive, but they will be SO cute.” She replied, “Answering this one first because we get asked this A LOT. We would love a couple of kids someday, but we are babies ourselves and in no rush whatsoever. There’s lots we want to experience and learn first.”

“I’m also a big advocate of not having more kids than you can properly raise and manage, which includes not only financial needs, but emotional and psychological as well,” Olivia continued. “Someday, when we know we are ready, we will make a couple of cute kids and complete our family.”

micah, ethan, olivia and moriah plath posing in the dark
Courtesy of Micah Plath/Instagram

We think Micah would love to be an uncle, but that’s apparently not what he was referring to when he said he was excited for his brother and sister-in-law. It’s not like giving these shout-outs is out of the blue for him, anyway. On December 14, he shared a photo from a workout with his sister Moriah Plath and wrote, “You’re an awesome sister Moriah!!”

“OMG … Micah thank you for being my best friend from day 1,” his younger sister replied. “One of the few I can trust with anything.” It sounds like this family just likes to share the love on social media.

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